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May 24, 2019

Jennifer Song

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. We asked Jacqui if it was easier to play when you have a playing partner who's playing as well as you are. Is it the same thing for you as well?
JENNIFER SONG: Yes, definitely. If my playing partner is playing well we just like feed off each other. I think we had a good birdie game going on.

Q. What was better about the course today or what was better about your game today that allowed you guys - especially you - to just go so low?
JENNIFER SONG: I had a rocky start. I started with a bogey on the 1st hole and managed to come back with a birdie on my third.

Just while I was just struggling, Jacqui was having a birdiefest so I was just like, Wow, I need to keep up with her. Got my groove back and managed to finish I think even par on the front nine.

Back nine I started to -- my tee shots were a little better so I had a better chance of getting it on the green. Just I drained a long putt on the 8th hole, and when I had a short birdie opportunities I managed to make them.

Q. When you're having a day like today, the putts like 8 just always seem to find the bottom of the hole, don't they? Was that 35, 40 feet?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I think it was a good 40 feet. Yeah, I was just trying to get the pace right. I wasn't expecting to make it.

Right as the ball left my putter I was like, Wow, that's dead online. Very happy to see that ball going in.

Q. I don't k now what the side bet is with your caddie, but is that going good?
JENNIFER SONG: No, not quite. He's winning.

Q. How is that possible? Can I ask what it is?
JENNIFER SONG: Just wanted to have a bogey-free round all four rounds, and I pretty much threw that away on my 1st hole today.

Q. What did you learn from yesterday to really -- once you kind of went through the bogey and reevaluated your mindset, did you think about your confidence yesterday?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, there was definitely confidence going into the round today. I knew in the morning the course was going to be a little moist, so I knew that I can be a little more aggressive going into the green.

So I tried to take advantage of that, but then the front nine I just couldn't get it on the fairway. Most of the times I was in the rough, so pretty tough to have a clean shot into the green.

Overall, very happy with my round. I managed to make great scrambles here and there and just made a couple birdies coming in. Very happy about my round.

Q. Jacqui was saying there was some wind early and then it stopped.

Q. How did you handle that?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, it was a little gusty in the beginning and then couple holes the wind was kind of like switching around so it was hard to judge what kind of club I needed to hit.

I just kind of went with the flow and obviously under par is a great round.

Q. Golf, and sports in general, are so much about momentum. You obviously have that now. Are you feeling that as you go into tomorrow?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I feel very good. It's always great feeling to have go into the third round being in contention, so if I just do the same thing and just plot my way the right way out there for the next two rounds, I think I'll be in good shape.

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