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May 23, 2019

Bobby Seymour

Tom Walter

Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina State - 6, Wake Forest - 5

THE MODERATOR: I would like to introduce Wake Forest head coach Tom Walter, as well as student-athlete, Bobby Seymour. Coach when you're ready, opening statement.

TOM WALTER: Disappointing loss. We had the game right where we wanted it. And, you know, kind of followed it right to the script we had going into the game, the game plan and obviously just didn't quite make enough plays. Just is disappointed for the guys who will battled hard for us all day.

Q. Tom, what was going through your head in that ninth inning, as far as what was going on?
TOM WALTER: Again, couple plays we don't make. I thought with two strikes we probably need to catch that ball down the right field line, quite honestly, probably shaded a little too far in the gap there.

Again, had a big strikeout to kind of give us a chance with Tatum up, and just didn't quite make a play. Double clutched, and it cost us on that ground ball. Got the ground ball we needed and just didn't make the play. But give credit to NC State, put a couple of at-bats together, we walked a couple guys, and, again, as I told the team after the game, it's okay to not make plays when you have a three-run lead but you can't compound them with walks, and we did that.

Q. What was the explanation on the play at the plate being overturned?
TOM WALTER: I didn't even ask for an explanation on that, all I asked them is if they looked at the play at first too, and he said they did, and I thought live he was safe at first, so I thought I would ask that question. Once they've overturned it, there is really nothing I can say.

Q. Bobby, could you go through what was going through your mind in that ninth inning. After they got the lead, you got the lead-off double. How confident were you that they would be able to get you in?
BOBBY SEYMOUR: Going through the ninth, we had Willie on the mound. Willie has battled for us day in, day out so with him on the mound I always have as much confidence as anything. He battled, and kept battling, and like Coach said, a couple plays didn't go our way. Leading off with a double, definitely had a lot of confidence in my guys, but, you know, that's baseball. Stuff like that happens.

THE MODERATOR: Any other questions? Thanks both of you.

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