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May 23, 2019

Kawhi Leonard

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Postgame 5, Canada

Raptors - 105, Bucks - 99

Q. You guys fell behind early. What were you doing well in the first half of that first quarter?
KAWHI LEONARD: They got out in transition, got some easy looks, getting to the rim, fouled a little bit too much, and ended up giving them a 32-point quarter. And we were able to stay locked in, engaged into the game, into our game plan, and ended up having a better defensive second quarter.

Q. Surprising to people in here that you had a career high with nine assists. We would think you'd have nine assists in your sleep. Can you talk about your development as a play-maker and what you were able to do on that side of the ball tonight?
KAWHI LEONARD: Just got to give credit to my teammates. They knocked down shots tonight when I gave it to them, and I'm not a guy that really controls the ball the whole game. Pretty much play off the ball, and just try to give other people opportunities, just not try to be like a dominant ball player.

Q. All series Milwaukee has struggled to find ways to score in the half court. What has gone so well for you guys defensively when it's not been in transition, and how have you guys been able to keep that bottled up?
KAWHI LEONARD: Just being ourselves, take pride in the match-ups that presents us. We want to be a good defensive team. That's what we look at in film and everybody comments or has something to say that's knowledgeable to try to make our defense better, and we go into the game and try to execute it as best we can.

Q. Fred was here and was just talking about how they know what time it is when it's the fourth quarter, and you had 15, I think, in the fourth. How does your mind shift in the fourth quarter of a close game?
KAWHI LEONARD: Pretty much try to stay with a consistent mindset throughout the whole game. Just trying to read the defense throughout the entire game, see what's working, and like you said, he told me tonight, go get it, and I'm not afraid of the moment. I enjoy it, and this was our workout for the summer. You've just got to go out and shoot the ball, I guess. That's my mindset. Get to a spot, try to help my teammates win the game. Just trying to win, either if it's me scoring points or getting my teammates wide open looks, just out there trying to win. It's not really matter about me scoring, it's just about being aggressive and don't shy away from anything.

Q. With the collective experience of this group and the fact that you have guys that have been on this stage, how does that help your poise down the stretch?
KAWHI LEONARD: Yeah, I mean, experience helps a lot. You know, just from my input, I've been here before. I've been to The Finals, and it's pretty much nothing new that I'm seeing out there. You've just got to have fun with it and enjoy it. Like I told them tonight, we were down 10, I told them to enjoy the moment and embrace it, and let's have fun and love it. This is why we're here.

Q. Kawhi, when you came to Toronto, you thought this team had the possibility to be a championship team. Now you're one win away from getting back to The Finals. It's been a few years for you. What's going through your mind again to have that opportunity to be amongst the best to play for a championship with one win now?
KAWHI LEONARD: It's a great opportunity. You know, like I said, this is what you work out for in the summer is to win basketball games. Same mindset I've been having throughout the Playoffs, just come in, have fun, try to execute the best I can and play confident, and whatever happens after that is what happens. I know that I put the work in. I can live with the results because I'm having fun and I'm putting my all out on the floor.

Q. How would you describe the level of defense you and your teammates are playing right now?
KAWHI LEONARD: I mean, I'm just living in the moment. That's where you guys try to describe and make fun out of. I'm in the moment right now.

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