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May 23, 2019

Brian O'Connor

Jack Weiller

Durham, North Carolina

Miami - 10, Virginia - 3

Brian O'Connor: From a pitching standpoint, we gave a lot of what they call "free 90s" away this year. You go and look at our losses, there's a significant amount of them in most of those games.

That's an area we need to improve on certainly, and that showed in this case today, you know, but defensively we've been great. Nic Kent has been spectacular defensively all year long at second base, and he had a couple of mishaps today, and it's unfortunate because he's done a tremendous job in that position all year.

Q. You guys have enjoyed for a long time successful starting pitchers, various solid rotations for a long time. Last couple of years how has the -- with the injuries how has that thrown your team off?
Brian O'Connor: Well, certainly our starting pitching has been something that you noted, it's been, you know, a trademark for us. It's part of what has allowed us to be in the elite of college baseball.

We felt like we could go out there on a consistent basis and somebody would go out there and give us five, six, innings and give us a quality start. That said, I thought Derek Casey did a good job all year of giving us quality starts. Daniel Lynch, at times, he was terrific in this tournament last year, but this year it's been a struggle from that standpoint, and a little bit of that was inexperience.

I'll give you a quick stat. I've been the coach here 16 years. Coming into this year, we returned the fewest innings on the mound than we ever have in my 16 years, and actually 70 fewer than we ever have before. That's significant. So when you look experience in something like that, typically you struggle with it for a while.

We showed signs at times getting better but as of late it hasn't been what it's needed to be. Hopefully that's something we can improve on if we have the opportunity next week and into the future.

Q. Jack, are you the type of player that looks at tournament projections and stuff like that?
JACK WEILLER: It's always in the back of your mind as a player, but I don't think that ever affects the way you treat each game. I think we came in today, looking for a win. We came in yesterday looking for a win. It's never good to look beyond what's in front of you. I think it's important to treat it that way as opposed to looking beyond it, especially now at the end of the year with the tournament right around the corner. I think it was important for us to look at each game at a time. Been preaching that all year and unfortunately today didn't work out but I think we treated it the right way.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks to both of you.

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