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May 23, 2019

Gino DiMare

Adrian Del Castillo

Freddy Zamora

Durham, North Carolina

Miami - 10, Virginia - 3

THE MODERATOR: It's my pleasure to introduce Miami head coach Gino DiMare, as well as student-athletes Freddy Zamora and Adrian Del Castillo. Coach, when you are ready, an opening statement.

GINO DiMARE: Well, I'm happy to get the win. I think it was a sloppy game on probably both ends if their coach had to say it and be honest, I guess. It was sloppy on their end, very sloppy on ours. Made too many mistakes defensively, which has been our nemesis this year, but also what's good for us is we swing the bat and a chance to put up big numbers, and the eighth inning we opened up it up with a five-run eighth. Happy to get the win in our first game and move forward, get ready for North Carolina.

Q. Gino, you said getting ready for North Carolina. This was an interesting situation for you because this game didn't matter. That being said, how did you prepare for it knowing that tomorrow's game was crucial?
GINO DiMARE: This game mattered to us. I told them it mattered. Absolutely mattered.

First of all, that's our motto for the year; you just stole our line, "it matters." We got tee shirts that we wear every day that says it on there. Because we're still trying to host. We're still trying to host. You can't give this game away, you've got to treat it like any other game, which we did. We brought in our set-up guy, Daniel Federman.

People were probably thinking geez, what are they doing? Don't they want to save him for the North Carolina game? Nope. We need to win games, because we're still on the bubble. I'm not sure if we're in or out, and I don't want to leave it up to the committee to be on the bubble, so we need to win games.

And once we opened it up, then we did go to Slade, who is still a starter for us, but it's not our closer or our set-up guy, and we were able to get Federman out, so that was big getting those runs for us. That cushioned us so we could do that. But I will tell you the message to the guys was -- I did not want our guys thinking that game did not matter. We couldn't afford to do that.

But our guys have been good all year about playing the game. I told them -- there's been one game all year where we did not show up to play. Doesn't mean we don't play ugly sometimes, but one game where we just did not come to play. That's pretty good.

Q. Adrian, your first at-bat in the ACC Tournament. What was going through your mind ultimately to give your team a 2-run lead?
ADRIAN DEL CASTILLO: Nothing much, just trying to put the ball in play. Freddy had a good at-bat, I don't know how much pitches, but it was a good walk, and I was trying to move him over so Raymond behind me could move him in or something like that. I just got a good pitch to hit, and I hit it pretty well.

Q. Freddy, you were 2 for 3 with three RBIs. Talk about what allowed you to be so successful today.
FREDDY ZAMORA: Our hitting coach Lopez emphasizes being on time with the pitchers, and today I felt like I was in a good rhythm with the pitchers. My timing was on, and taking those first two walks in the first two at-bats was crucial for me. I was seeing the ball well, and the third at-bat I had that bunt, and I had a lot of confidence at the plate today, and I think it showed.

Q. Who will you start tomorrow?
GINO DiMARE: We're going to go with Evan McKendry. Yep.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations. We will see you later.

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