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May 23, 2019

Jennifer Song

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. Out here tying your career best lowest round. What was going well for you out there today?
JENNIFER SONG: First of all, it was a bogey-free round so I was extremely happy about that. Course conditions are great. Greens are firm and pretty much everything was going well. I was driving it well and I was getting it on the green.

When I had a chance for birdie, I think I pretty much made all of them.

Q. In the last couple events what have you been working on to be able to come out and shoot a round like you did today?
JENNIFER SONG: I've always like just kind of struggled with just having confidence out here. I think all the preparations were there. When it came to all the championships, I think I got a little too like antsy.

So I just came out here today just believing in myself and just try to hit every shot with like the most confidence.

Q. What do you say to yourself to really motivate throughout this round just your play and just yourself in general?
JENNIFER SONG: I think I told myself a lot of things, but most importantly I think I just told myself to stay in the present and I'm just out here to play a game. I was just having a blast out there with my caddie.

Q. Is it more fun for you when you feel like you're having a blast and you're not putting all that pressure on your self-
JENNIFER SONG: Yes, definitely. Like I had no expectations. I just wanted to have a fun game out here today.

Q. For the rest of the week what do you think it's going to take to stay on top the leaderboard?
JENNIFER SONG: Well, there are a lot of great golfers out here. It's only first round, so if I just do the same thing that I did today I think I should be in the Top 5.

Q. You mentioned no bogeys today. Did you have any particular holes that you made a nice save?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, on the front nine; it was No. 8. That hole was playing a little tough. Wind was coming left to right into me and pin was tucked on the right side middle part.

I was trying to feed the ball from left to right, just get it on the green anywhere. I miss-hit it so I ended up in the bunker, but I hit that bunker shot to about like three feet and just made great up and down. I think was that the momentum saver.

Q. It was such a solid round. Any time you don't make bogey obviously. Is this one of the most complete rounds you've played in a while?
JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, definitely. I felt really confident out there. I just had no doubt out there. I just, I don't know what it was. I just told myself to just have fun with Jeff, my caddie, and let's just try to hit fun shots and just try to roll the putts in.

Q. Coming to the 18 there I couldn't tell how far the putt was there.
JENNIFER SONG: 15-footer.

Q. At the end there?

Q. Yeah. What do you do in that situation? Do you go for it? Do you try to play it a little cautiously?
JENNIFER SONG: Same thing. Same routine. Of course everyone is here to shoot great scores and make some putts. I'm just over the ball doing the same thing. Nothing really changes. I had a great putt. The ball just skipped in the middle. Didn't go in.

Q. I know you played really well here in 2012, if memory serves.
JENNIFER SONG: I have no idea.

Q. Generally how do you play on this course?
JENNIFER SONG: I really like this golf course. It's beautiful. Every hole has its own characteristics and it's fun to play out here.

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