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May 23, 2019

Bronte Law

Williamsburg, Virginia

Q. Outstanding day for a 6-under finish. How were you feeling out there on the course?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, you know, took me a while to make my first birdie. I was playing steady and wasn't hitting the ball as well as I would have hoped. Made some good par saves here and there from some long putts. Just find my groove a little bit. Made an eagle on the third hole, which was my backside, and from there kind of started to pick it up a little.

Started finding myself with a good score. Nothing more to it. On days like this when it's windy just got to keep grinding all day, take the chances when they come, and I did a pretty good job of that today.

Q. With the wind picking up what was your strategy going into the par-5 when you eagled out?
BRONTE LAW: Well, we had a long wait for a lot of the holes today. That one my strategy was actually to try and leave myself front right of the green. With it being downwind today you're just hitting irons into that hole. The green is quite firm and it can run through pretty easily.

Playing to the front right area, which I did so, and then kind of liked the chip when I got up there. Could see the line and hit it exactly how I wanted to and rolled it in. That was nice.

Q. Two weeks ago before the break you had an outstanding finish at the LPGA MediHeal. How much did you use from that experience there? Do you think the momentum carried with you?
BRONTE LAW: You know, I mean, you would like to think so. I think every time you step up on the tee it's a new day and anything can happen. You just try and go out there and play your best golf.

I thought I did a good job of staying composed out there today. If I hit a bad shot, not letting myself get ahead of myself or worry about it too much. Ultimately, I'm very pleased with the result. Yeah, you would like to think that that momentum...

I think definitely being confident is a thing that makes a big difference. But, yeah, hopefully can carry that into tomorrow as well.

Q. For tomorrow, this course does notoriously go low. What's it going to take to stay on top of the leaderboard this week?
BRONTE LAW: I don't know. I mean, who knows? I just go out there and play my best golf that I can on the day and keep pushing, try and make those birdies when I can. That's all you can do really.

Depends on the conditions. It can get windy out here. The scores can fluctuate from day to day. I'll go out there tomorrow and do the best I can.

Q. (Regarding MediHeal in California.)
BRONTE LAW: No, I don't think so. I think that was a first. For me on Sundays I just really try and get a low score going, but sometimes I find myself pushing a little too hard in previous events, trying hard to make something happen. Just wasn't working out.

And then with a golf course like that you really have to respect it, and I did that all day. I played that last round and started to roll some putts in, and it does give a bit of momentum when you're out there and start seeing the putts go in.

You can kind of start taking a little more aggressive lines here and there because you're hitting the ball well. I found myself in that position. I think there are times where you feel like you need to push to make birdies.

Ultimately, playing on the safer side, and if you can increase the footage of putts you're holing, then you kind of give yourself a greater chance at shooting a lower number.

Q. You post an early 65. How long of a wait did you have before you figured out that you were in a playoff and what did you do?
BRONTE LAW: It was like two plus hours. I mean, it was a long time. It was cold up there. Hanging around wasn't ideal. Obviously to be in that position I was like thrilled. I wasn't really too concerned about the fact that I had to wait that long.

I just sat around and didn't really do anything. Couldn't really eat. Kind of felt sick. I just tried to relax as much as I could, and then took about an hour to warmup. Once I knew it could be close, went out on the range and hit some balls and tried to get my body up to like what it was when I just finished.

It wasn't easy, but that was the only way I really could kind of imitate coming straight off the course and going into that playoff.

Q. What was the playoff experience like?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I mean, it was an experience I've not had before in an LPGA event; something I took a lot from. It was, yeah, like nothing you've ever experienced before. Usually you have 18 holes to shoot a good score and you have one and every shot matters.

It's very different, but something I'm really glad I got to experience. If it happens again I would hope I have a better idea of how to deal with that experience.

Q. You talked about the confidence earlier. Given what happened out there and what happened today, you must be full of it.
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I mean, I'm usually a pretty confident person anyway. I think obviously being in that situation and playing good golf you definitely can get on a run where you feel confident, good about yourself.

I think it mainly comes down to putting though. If you're putting well and you feel confident over those putts, that's huge. You can even play some average golf and feel confident on the greens and still shoot a number.

Q. I know it's the first day. Have you spent much time on top of leaderboards?
BRONTE LAW: I mean...

Q. How did you handle that?
BRONTE LAW: Well, I go out tomorrow and do the same thing I did today. I don't think there is anything else you have to change. Everyone out here is really good at what they do.

You have to keep pushing higher and higher, making more and more birdies, until the tournament is over really. You can't sit on it for a second because someone will come up right behind you.

Q. You mentioned making putts. Is that what worked well for you today?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I would say so. Really pleased with how I putted. Made some clutch putts. Greens were slippery and I would say I dealt with the speed pretty well.

Yeah, pretty happy with that.

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