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May 22, 2019

Brian O'Connor

Chesdin Harrington

Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina - 3, Virginia - 2 (10)

Q. Brian, just curious, do you think that you need a win against Miami to be in the NCAAs or where do you think you fall right now?
COACH O'CONNOR: I have no idea. I know that we've played really good baseball down the stretch here. I know that's a factor always for the committee. But we need to come out and win tomorrow.

I don't look at it that closely. And we'll see how we play tomorrow, and we'll see what shakes out through this week. This is a big week. You look across the country, there's a lot of teams that have low 30s wins. But the reality is we've got to earn it.

We had an opportunity tonight and we didn't do it. We have an opportunity tomorrow. So hopefully we come out and respond and get a victory.

Q. Chesdin, the way the team rallied down the stretch, this year has been a grind-it-out kind of season, and you guys showed a lot character down the stretch. How proud are you of this group and how rewarding has this run been of late?
CHESDIN HARRINGTON: It's certainly been a great experience down the stretch I think. What Nate was saying earlier about a lot of these guys aren't ready to end this season, whether it's us seniors don't want to end our careers on a bad note, or whether it's the other guys want to extend the season and go long.

We've certainly had a lot of fight down the stretch. And we're right there to piece it together, but we need to capitalize on some more opportunities and make it a great experience down the stretch.

But it's been a great experience so far, and I'm hoping that we can extend it past this week.

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