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May 22, 2019

Dan McDonnell

Nick Bennett

Durham, North Carolina

Boston College - 5, Louisville - 1

COACH MCDONNELL: ... Boston College, we knew we were facing a tough pitcher today. He was going to compete, give them a chance. We tried to get into their bullpen especially after the 11-inning game last night, but we couldn't. We didn't have enough good at-bats, enough quality at-bats, enough good two strike at-bats.

And then of course on the other side of the ball we just didn't play great -- some walks with two outs that led to runs, an error with two outs that led to runs. And give credit to Boston College. They had a lot of two-out, two-strike hits. They have good players and they played better than us tonight.


Q. Nick, how was your confidence after the rough start against Florida State?
NICK BENNETT: I had sat out two weeks before that, so just coming back against Florida State I just wanted to make sure I had all my stuff and could throw strikes and was healthy, which I absolutely was. Just going from that, I think pitching has a lot to do with confidence, so just having confidence no matter what happens, the previous game I just kind of forget about that and move on.

Q. As you mentioned, a lot of two-out, two-strike hits for Boston College. How frustrating is that for you in the dugout when that's happening and trying to capture momentum and they keep putting stuff like that up?
COACH MCDONNELL: It was both sides of the ball. It was a double whammy. You're frustrated offensively because bad base running -- we had two base-running mistakes which is uncharacteristic of us. We're not having great at-bats -- a couple of line outs and unfortunate breaks, but not really mustering enough of a threat offensively.

And then on the flipside, they're doing to us what we hoped to do to people. They're working two-out walks, two-out hits, two-strike hits. They were really good. We'll watch the video and see where the pitches are. I'm sure we could have made some better pitches. But in the flow of the game, you just tip your hat to them because they got it done.

Q. When you're in a situation like this where you have one game left to play and of course you know you can't advance, how do you plan to approach that from a pitching standpoint?
COACH MCDONNELL: I'll talk to Coach Williams and we'll figure it out. I thought today Nick was probably not as sharp as he was, but better from his last outing. And he competed. And we felt like we wanted to get them another start before the regions. He threw on Friday, so we knew we had a short leash today and gave us 60 pitches, three innings. And we thought, okay, man, now this is the game you have to win.

So we lined up Hoeing and Kirian and McAvene, all our guys because this is the game you've got to win. Obviously now that tomorrow is our last game, I would think you've got a chance to give Reid Detmers another start. But I'll talk to Coach Williams and see where he's at and take it.

I mean, you want to win them all but you also want to line your pitching up. And I thought with Nick we did that today. I thought we lined them up for the regionals and gave us a chance to win. Unfortunately we just didn't do enough.

Q. Dan, coming into the ACC, did you guys as a team -- and maybe you probably are going to say you don't think about this much but maybe you're in a position to talk about it now -- do you feel confident that your team has already secured a national seed, and if not, do you feel you have something to prove against Clemson tomorrow?
COACH MCDONNELL: It's not something I addressed with the team. I cautioned them about the noise that's out there on social media. I'm sure they like reading the headlines and all the projections. I know what these guys do. It's a lot of fun for the fans and the players. But I can't, me personally, I can't get caught up in that stuff. I really try to avoid it because it will change the way I coach or the pressure and all that stuff.

So I don't know what they're saying, but whatever they're saying don't say it, Aaron, because I didn't think my guys, I didn't think we were good on Monday at practice. I'm sure we were okay yesterday. But I just didn't see it today. That's disappointing.

This is fun, 12 of the best teams in the country. You could say 12 seed all you want, man, but those guys are good. They're really good, especially with the two arms that they threw yesterday and today.

So for me, I'm so competitive and respect our opponent that, I mean, we did everything I thought to be prepared to play good baseball today. And obviously we didn't. So Clemson's got a lot of pride in their program. I tell our guys this. I do tell them everybody's playing for something at this time of the year. Everybody's playing for something like the last three weeks of the season.

So don't ever act like what we're playing for is more important than what someone else is playing for. It might be something different. But it's not more important. It's just everyone's playing for something, a little bit different, but with the ultimate goal of getting in the postseason and playing well in the postseason.

So I'd like to think you're going to see two teams come out and fight tomorrow, play hard and may the better team who plays better tomorrow win and then we'll both get ready for the postseason.


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