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May 21, 2019

Norman Powell

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame 4

Raptors - 120, Bucks - 102

Q. You're always telling us you just let the game come to you, but tonight did you feel like you took it to the game a little bit when you first got out there in that first quarter?
NORMAN POWELL: I don't think so. First of all, I watch from the bench, talk to the guys, see how the game is being played. I'm going out there and trying to impact the game where I see that I can. Just take what the defense is giving me and just stay confident in my reads. Just try to follow the game flow.

Q. You guys were crisper and seemed to get everyone involved in the scheme than in any game in the series. I'm curious if you could help describe the collective mentality of your team on offense when you're going out there with that energy?
NORMAN POWELL: I think the coaches have done a great job job of breaking down the film for us and seeing where we can improve and attack the defense and seeing how they're playing us. Especially with Kawhi having the ball, he draws so much attention. So it's opening up a lot for us on the weak side.

We're just trying to play through him a little bit, play through Marc. I think Marc did done a phenomenal job of breaking down the defenses when he had the ball up top on cuts, on screens. I think we're just playing for one another. Everybody is talking on what we see and how we can get better looks and try to get a shot up every time. We're staying confident in one another. We're talking to each other on different shots, different reads that are there -- maybe shots they missed or shots that they could have taken. We've just been doing that.

Q. How much has the last couple of games changed this team's mindset heading into Game 5?
NORMAN POWELL: I think the first two games they really brought the intensity to us. They really came out and were more physical, were more active. We wanted to change that narrative coming home. We wanted to protect home court. We wanted to come out with a lot of juice, be the aggressors, be more physical and take the game to them. I think we really did that in Game 3 and Game 4.

Being able to be the aggressors on defense, being tied into the fundamentals of our defense. Everybody has been rotating. Our communication has gotten a lot better here at home, and we've just got to do that on the road.

Q. When you look collectively at the postseason overall, do you think this was your team's most complete effort that you've seen thus far?
NORMAN POWELL: Yeah, I think so. It helps when guys who come in who haven't been hitting the shots that they normally make come in and take their shots with confidence still. We got a big contribution from our bench -- Serge, Fred. We just came in and wanted to be the aggressors and set the tone.

All postseason we've talked to each other game in and game out about how we could help and how we could contribute. I thought we did a great job of that today getting everybody involved, getting everybody the touches in their flow and their spots.

Like I said before, the coaches have done a great job of breaking down the offense of where we can attack them and get guys easier looks.

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