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May 21, 2019

Mike Gambino

Brian Dempsey

Cody Morissette

Durham, North Carolina

Boston College - 7, Clemson - 5 (11)

COACH GAMBINO: We'll get started with Boston College. We have coach Mike Gambino, Cody Morissette and Brian Dempsey. Coach, an opening statement.

COACH GAMBINO: I was proud of the boys. Heck of a ball game. That's what you expect to see when you come to the ACC Tournament -- two teams going after each other. Clemson's a really good team. We saw really good arms. Mason threw the ball great. And I was just proud of the way this lineup kept coming and kept coming. These boys are fun to be around right now.


Q. Cody, how many times have you had (indiscernible)?
CODY MORISSETTE: I'm going to be honest, I don't think I've had one since Little League. So, I just went up there with a simple approach today and it worked out really well for me today. And all our guys played really well today.

Q. Ever hit a ball as hard as that second one? That was demolished.
CODY MORISSETTE: I don't think so. I think that was a first. That was pretty cool, cool to be able to do it on this stage and be able to pull out a win today.

Q. Brian, the (indiscernible) run today, seemed like one of those deals where it's contagious with your offense today (indiscernible) All-Star?
BRIAN DEMPSEY: One thing about playing in Boston it's not very warm. So when you get in some warm weather the ball starts flying a little bit, and I think that's what happened today.

Q. Coach said this team is fun to be around right now. I imagine you're having a similar good time in the clubhouse? What's the vibe for you guys?
BRIAN DEMPSEY: The vibe is awesome. Our pitching staff has been pretty good. Pelio has been awesome. Our starters have been great. Clemson is a great team. So it's awesome to come out here and really get a win and kind of keep our momentum rolling. I think we won seven of our last nine, I think that is. Eight of our last 10. Clemson is a great team. So to win over them, it's going to be great coming in tomorrow.

CODY MORISSETTE: We've had a lot of fun as a team on and off the field. The biggest thing about our team is we pitch each other up. If the hitters aren't having a great day, the pitchers pick us up. If the pitchers aren't having a great day, the hitters pick them up. And it's just starting to click right now. We just gotta keep it rolling through the rest of the tournament.

Q. You mentioned the type of momentum. How do you keep that going when you have such a big game coming right back up?
CODY MORISSETTE: Clemson was a great team. It's a big win. But we have bigger goals in our mind. We want to get into the NCAA Tournament. We want to keep going in the ACC Tournament. We feel we deserve to be mentioned in the conversation for the NCAA Tournament.

Q. Coach, how much pressure is there coming into the ACC Tournament as the 12 seed?
COACH GAMBINO: Well, pressure is a privilege, right? You're always hoping for the type of pressure you get when you get to the postseason. And you can see the look in these boys' eyes. This team, they love playing in big games. They love playing in pressure games.

So I guess it depends on how you look at it. There's pressure being the 1 seed, too, right, you're supposed to win. So the other thing about playing in the ACC and being in the ACC Tournament -- but for 30 games it's the playoffs. I mean, this league is so good top to bottom. And that's kind of how we look at those first 30 regular season games. So the tournament's awesome. The ACC puts on an unbelievable show. The people here are so great to us. But once they throw the first pitch, it's just another ACC baseball game.

Q. Having thrown [inaudible] going to throw tomorrow?

Q. How gratifying has it been for you to watch those freshmen do what they've done this year, pretty special team out there?
COACH GAMBINO: Yeah, they're so cute at that age, aren't they. (Laughter).

No, it's great. And just to watch these guys continuing to get better and doing some things that, you know, what Cody is doing, what Mason is doing, Sal, what Burnsy is doing behind the plate. You're seeing some of these other guys -- Thomas Lane, the way he's throwing the ball, and Sheehan is throwing the ball, and Lucas Stalman is throwing it great.

This freshman class, they're really selfless. But the thing that can't be lost in this is the older guys. Cody is doing a great job, but Brian took him under his wing day one: This is how we do things; this is how we go about our business.

So the juniors and seniors in this program embrace these boys. They brought them in. They taught them. You've seen the results from the freshmen, but what they're doing is a team effort.

Q. Mike, you talked about not having pressure even as a 12 seed. Just getting into this tournament, was it an accomplishment to you guys considering the bad weather and the other, like Brian mentioned, the drawbacks of playing in the northeast in March and April?
COACH GAMBINO: Yeah, you know, but one of the things we talk about is the seeming disadvantages that people look at from outside our program.

For us, our advantage is, like, we spent those first five weeks of the year basically on the road. But when we get to playoff time, we get to postseason time, we're so used to it, using to being in hotels, used to traveling and playing in opposing ballparks or neutral site ballparks.

So it's also why we always play so great at the end of the year. So it depends on sort of how you look at those things. And for us I don't think we'd have it any other way.

Q. What did you think about Mesa today, seemed like they improved here?
COACH GAMBINO: You talk about freshmen. So we modified his start on Friday. I think he threw 46 pitches to get him ready for the start and when you have a kid like that that's the first time he's done something like that. And it's not a short turnaround it's just basically a heavy bullpen leading up to a first start. It's his first postseason start. It's his first so far these guys are so much learning and growth. I think you saw that in the first innings. Just a kid learning how to pitch in the tournament atmosphere. Once he settled in he was pretty good. Mason has a chance to be really special. And like Cody said the defense picked him up a little bit when we needed early Chris made a good play on the double play on first on the fly ball. I think we're going to see that kid pitching in a lot of big games for the next couple of years.

Q. A win or go home situation against the top seed Louisville do you have to say anything else to your team to keep them focused and the big picture developing?
COACH GAMBINO: This thing has been going a couple of weeks started going a couple weeks ago.

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