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May 21, 2019

Brittany Lincicome

Williamsburg, Virginia

THE MODERATOR: All right, welcome back to the Pure Silk Championship. I'm here with the Rolex Rankings No 39 and eight-time winner on the LPGA Tour and two-time major champion, Brittany Lincicome.

Brittany, now we are back on the east coast after a two-week break. How was your break and what did you do? Did you get your mind off golf at all?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Hmm, you know me, Megan. You know I didn't play too much golf. Definitely went fishing a couple times. Hung out with my new puppy Dexter and really enjoyed just being home. It was great.

THE MODERATOR: I know that two-week swing, two-week break, can kind of be a benefit to some people, but also some people really want to get back on the course. For you, would you say it's a big benefit to not be on the course all the time?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, two weeks leading up, I mean, obviously this is my last week so I'm a little bit different than the field. We have a lot of tournaments in a row here coming up, so I think the two-week break for most people was really welcomed and a good break at a good time in the schedule and to get ready for this really long stretch in a row with a bunch of majors coming up. Going to be awesome.

THE MODERATOR: While you were on the west coast you were able to take part in a Team USA Solheim Cup bonding experience with some potential team members. Was that kind of a bittersweet experience for you knowing that you wouldn't be there, but it was still nice to be able to kind of enjoy what would potentially being the Solheim Cup team?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: For sure. Obviously I told Juli I wasn't going to be able to be on the team this year. She said, Hey, I would still like you to come to the practice if you want to be part of the team. I was like, Oh, my gosh. I'm so honored. Obviously have a few new faces on the team this year, so just being there and trying to add my two cents if they had any questions or wondered what it was going to be like going over there. Obviously going Scotland is significantly harder than playing in your home country.

So it was just nice to kind of get everyone together. Juli's whole motto over the past three years of being captain is just bringing the team together and everyone playing for each other. Obviously it's working, so hopefully we can keep that going. Being on a Segway and doing a scavenger hunt, I've never done either one of those things. I am so honored that she invited me and I had a great time.

THE MODERATOR: What was some the advice you may have given to some of the younger players that haven't had this type of experience before?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, all the players have so much experience on the golf course, but obviously Solheim, I remember Sherri Steinhauer told me I was probably going to get sick on the first tee. Boy, was she right. I was so nervous.

My first Solheim Cup was overseas as well. You think you're prepared for it, but just coming as a team and playing together and representing your country and not yourself anymore, and then adding whatever the weather is going to be like in Scotland -- I mean, it could be sunny and beautiful; it's probably going to be rainy and cold and wet and all those good things.

I think it's just more calm down. It's nice having a partner out there, too, which is nice. You can feed off their energy. Just telling them rely on your partner. If you're feeling nervous, go talk to them. Just try to calm your nerves. That first tee shot is the worst.

THE MODERATOR: Now here we are at Pure Silk Championship and this is a special event for you because not only is this a sponsor event, but this is your last one of the season. How much more special is this kind of area for you and this event knowing that Pure Silk is behind it, and also that it's your last one?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: It's really bittersweet because I feel so good that I really just want to keep playing as long as possible. You know, next week being the -- I might surprise you. I don't know. Just next week with the Open it's so stressful and it's such a big week that I didn't want that much stress in my life. I just wanted to play normal events.

So, yeah, being here at Kingsmill and seeing this beautiful trophy, it doesn't surprise me that Pure Silk would've an amazing trophy because their trophies always beautiful. Obviously being a sponsor this week, it kind of worked out perfectly if this is my last week. Obviously wanted to play for them.

My mom loves coming to this one. I love coming to this one. So many good memories here. So my husband and I actually when he first came over from South Africa when we were dating this is the first event he came to, so there are so many good memories.

It's cool to be back. It's definitely a stop on tour that I look forward to every single year, so it's kind of fitting if it is my last one that it's the perfect one.

THE MODERATOR: I was going to say, this has been in the plans for a little bit. I know you told me this was going to be kind of the plan too as well. Was it tempting at all to go to the U.S. Open next week knowing it was kind of a schedule change?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. No, it's just, like I said, so much pressure. I feel like I should be able to do the things that I used to do before I was pregnant and sometimes just don't do those things.

I'm hitting the ball further than ever. Driver is going great, which doesn't surprise anybody. Sometimes my irons, if I don't catch them perfectly, go 30 yards short. I'm like, Hmmm. It's just really frustrating to not be able to hit those shots. I didn't want that kind of pressure in my life.

But I would've liked to play a few more regular events. It is what it is, and everyone is like, You're going to enjoy the down time. Enjoy the next four months. It's going to go by super fast. I'm more selfish. I'm worried about picking up a lot weight because I'm not going to be golfing every day of my life, walking six, seven miles a day.

But they're like -- I haven't started the nursery yet. Got to get that ready. I'm sure there will be things I'm going to do with my time and it'll go by super fast.

THE MODERATOR: Are you prepared next week to wake up an say, Oh, my gosh. I don't have to go to the golf course?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Well, do I that anyway. That's nothing new. I'm going to go surprise my grandmother and see her next week. Drive up to West Virginia and go see her. That will be fun. Like a mini vacation.

After I get home, time to I guess start nesting they call it and get the baby's room ready.

THE MODERATOR: And now this week is definitely going to be different, the way you attack the course, than may be in years past. How does that factor in your strategy for this tournament?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I haven't played it yet, so I'm interested to get out there. My caddie says it's great. She says it's - we obviously heard about the conditions maybe not being as great as normal, but she says it's wonderful out there.

I'm expecting it to play hard. Hoping the rain stays away. Tend to get a lot of rain here. The forecast looks great. Hotter than ever. I'm sure it's going to be wonderful.

I love this place; love this golf course. Maybe this will be my year to finally figure out how to get the win.

THE MODERATOR: Open it up to questions.

Q. I know you love it here. Is there a vibe about this place that makes it different than other places?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Well I think the golf course is normally spectacular. We love playing this golf course. I think there is just so many good things.

Like I said, my husband and I kind of came here for our first time. My mom and I love coming here. We have really good restaurants we eat at. The way we get treated, the tournament and the way they treat us with the dining and little extra things, it's definitely a stop that everyone looks forward to on the tour and we love coming here.

THE MODERATOR: Real quick, are you doing anything maybe outside of the tournament? Anything in the area that you're excited for?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Going to Williamsburg Winery tomorrow, which is normally really fun. Obviously not as fun this year.

Q. What has the journey been like? I know you guys had a setback as you tried to start a family. What has that journey been like and how rewarding has it been to get to this point?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: We've been married now three years in December. Just started trying last year to get pregnant. Obviously got pregnant and lost the baby, which I hear a very common. It happens to a lot of people even after they've had children before. They have miscarriages in between children, which people don't really talk about.

So, yeah, but other than that, now that we're pregnant again, you know, I told him on Christmas day, which was pretty special. In-laws were in town, my mom and dad were there, so we told them on Christmas day, which was really special.

Yeah, I've had such an easy pregnancy. I feel so lucky. Sarah Jane who is pregnant and Jackie Stoelting have been sick a little bit. I don't tell them any of my stories because I've felt so good. It's so weird and I've been so lucky.

Yeah, we've just been super excited. He always is feeling my tummy now, which is really cool. Finally starting to pop out a little bit, which is fun. Yeah, he can't wait to be a dad and he's going to be a great dad.

Just been a fun journey. Each week we have appointments or my app tells me it's an eggplant this week, which I feel is really big. Yeah, it's cool to check the app or we have doctor's appointments, and it's really been cool.

Q. Was there any kind of special reveal on Christmas as to how you told people?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I tried to film my husband's reaction with my phone set up. He said he already knew so wasn't as excited as I thought he was going to be. Obviously he's super excited, but the first time he obviously cried and was super emotional.

This time he was like, Oh, I knew. I was like, No you didn't. But the in-laws and parents, obviously they cried. They were so excited. It's just such a cool feeling.

Q. Does it effect your stamina?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. My parents have owned a day care for 30 years so I've napped every day of my life since I was born. If I have an early tee time I go to bed 8:30 or 9:00 so I get as many hours as possible, and then I take a nap after. If I have a late tee time I just sleep in. I do really good on my napping. I haven't been tired, sick at all.

Most mornings I wake up not realizing I'm still pregnant. Oh, probably shouldn't lift that suitcase. Yeah, it's really funny.

Q. And you mentioned some of the other pros out here who are expecting. How cool is it to look around and see so many role models just in terms of mothers who have come back to the tour and played and played quite well?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Absolutely. This is my 15th year on tour and I remember when I first came out there was kids everywhere. So many kids. There has been like a lull of no kids on tour, and now all of a sudden there are so many babies. Had to hire more people at day care. Obviously it's a great problem to have and it's nice to have other girls going through it with me.

And then obviously talking to Juli Inkster and Nancy Lopez and all the veteran players; I can pull advice from them. How is it going to be to travel with a kid and all those great questions you'll have along the way.

So it's nice to have even Stacy and Gerina who have gone through it a year before me and ask them for advice. It's nice to ask the other pregnant moms. Oh, I have a pain in my belly today. Is that normal? Sarah Jane has been great. Yep, that's normal. I'm going through the same thing. It's really been a cool time on tour to have so many moms.

Q. In a perfect world when do you envision yourself returning to competition?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Realistically probably not until Diamond Resorts in January. Yeah, I don't think I'll be back any time this year. I don't think. Again, who knows.


BRITTANY LINCICOME: I mean, everyone is so different. When I got pregnant earlier this year I texted Stacy and Gerina immediately. Hey, how long did you play for? Oh, about six months, which then I was like, okay, that's Kingsmill. Now I feel so good I feel like I could keep going.

Just going to play it by ear and see what happens. Obviously not going to go to Asia. Maybe CME.

THE MODERATOR: Never know. I know else? In the back.

Q. This tournament has been looking for a title sponsor for quite sometime. What does it mean to you and the players that it has one?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: We were ecstatic. We love coming to this event. We look forward to this event. The golf course is one of the best golf courses we play all year. Especially leading up to the US Open I think it's a great place to be. Really going to test everything. A lot of narrow driving holes, bends in the fairways. Really got to place it around, and obviously once you get it on the green they're going to be fast.

I think it's a great tune up for next week's major. Yeah, every time you talk to like another player, we all love coming here. It's so great.

Q. As you look back on last year's experience playing against the men, what was that like? Did you take anything from it?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I loved it. I was a little worried more so about fans on social media, how they would perceive what I was doing and how they would take it. But everybody was fantastic, especially players. The guys, they would come out of their way to come say hi to me, thank me for being there. They thought it was great and I thought it was awesome as well.

So I thought everything went as good as it possibly could have, other than the golf part. The four inches of rain the week I was there, I was looking for firm and fast and that was not firm and fast. I think more learning about myself. I took away from that just the confidence. There was so much media and so much people following me that I was so nervous.

So the first day just learning how to calm myself and my emotions. Obviously handled it better the second day. Just knowing when you go into a major the next time how to relax a little bit, take some deep breaths, and calm myself down, which will be really helpful in the future.

Q. How did that opportunity arise?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Tom Murray. Yeah, he called and he said, I have a sponsor's invite. Have you ever thought about it? I was like, I've thought about it but never actually thought it would be a possibility or something I would ever do. Obviously thought about it for a while, talking with my agent and making sure there was no negatives to why I shouldn't have played.

Talking with my mom and dad and husband and everybody, and of course my caddie didn't even second guess it. No, we're doing it. She's so competitive. It's so funny.

Yeah, it was really, really awesome and everybody was so great.

Q. Curious as to someone who has been out here a while like you, what has your reaction been or your impressions been of the DriveOn campaign and some of the stories that are featured in there? We were talking to Lizette earlier this afternoon about her story she has shared.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, she's got a great story. I think it's awesome. Just getting more people involved in the game of golf. It's such a wonderful slogan and super catchy. I think it's great.

Obviously the younger players are the next generation and we want to leave the tour better than when we came out. Any time you see a child I go out of my way to go sign the autograph for them. You never know if that's the next Brittany Lincicome or Annika Sorenstam or anyone.

So I think it's been awesome in how they delivered it and how they came up with it. I think it's amazing. I love it.

THE MODERATOR: All right, I think that's everything. Thank you for coming in and best of luck.


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