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May 19, 2019

Norman Powell

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame 3, Canada

Raptors - 118, Bucks - 112 (2OT).

Q. In your career, some of your best games have been against the Bucks. What do you think about this team that brings out the best in you?
NORMAN POWELL: I don't know. I just try to go out there every game no matter who the opponent is and try to make a positive impact to help the team win. That's all I can say about that. I just try to give myself for the team, whatever situation or role it is, and go out there and provide energy or a spark off the bench and do whatever it takes, the little plays to help the team win.

Q. just the impact that you were able to have tonight, that Marc was able to have. first couple of games it was a struggle outside of Kyle and Kawhi. What does it say about your depth on this team that was so good all year that's had some issues at times in the postseason that you guys were able to rise up in this game?
NORMAN POWELL: We still have a deep team. Game by game, some guys might struggle a little bit hitting shots, but over the course of the season, guys are going to hit those shots. I've been talking to Marc, just tell him to keep shooting it. Those are shots he makes; those are shots he made a career off of. Just stay after it.

And on the road we struggled a little bit just to get our pace and our intensity on the offensive end. I think we let their defense really take us out of what we normally do in the first two games. We were able to come out and set the tone and push the pace and bring that intensity and be able just to be aggressive and attack the rim and take the open shots with confidence.

Q. Kawhi played a career-high 52 minutes and was at his best in overtime. Can you put into perspective what it means to you when you've got a guy like that you can rely on in the biggest moments?
NORMAN POWELL: It's amazing. What he's been doing for us all year, especially in the postseason, has been really good for us. He's a guy that all he wants to do is win. He doesn't care about the accolades, the points. As long as he's out there helping the team win, that's good for us. We feed off of that. He's a great leader for us. To be able to go out there and play 52 minutes and lead the team with his voice in the timeouts, telling us to stay calm, stay in the moment, not get anxious -- it's amazing to have a guy like that on the team.

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