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May 19, 2019

George Hill

Malcolm Brogdon

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame 3, Canada

Raptors - 118, Bucks - 112 (2OT).

Q. George, it's hard to really recall a night where the starters as a collective struggled to sort of get buckets through the whole night. Would you put that down to some of the matchup adjustments the Raptors made, or what did you see was the major contributor there?
GEORGE HILL: I'm not sure. We don't really worry about guys making shots or missing shots. It's just one of those games where they didn't make them today. We have the utmost respect and belief that the next game is not going to be as bad as it was. But I know it's sitting in their head that they go for a combined 11 of 48 or something like that. We're not worried about it. We know they're going to come to play next game. They're super competitive. They're super professional. Just keep moving forward.

Q. Toronto throughout the playoffs is basically running the second-best defense to your defense through the first two rounds. Should we be expecting more games in this series to be fought this closely, this tough?
MALCOLM BROGDON: I don't know. I know we're going to step our level of play up. I thought we came out, went through the motions a little bit, got ourselves down. It was sort of a hole we couldn't really dig out of the whole game. Our energy and effort will step up. Our defense will step up. Our rebounding, limiting their second-chance points will step up.

Q. Malcolm, just more Giannis specific, it looked like it was a pretty physical game tonight and there was a lot of physicality in the paint. Is there a way you guys can try to free him up a little bit, or how can you try to make life easier for him?
MALCOLM BROGDON: I think the only thing we can really do is just make shots. We could have made more shots for him tonight. Giannis is the MVP of this league. He's had the best season in the NBA this year. We're not worried about Giannis bouncing back from this one.

Q. For you specifically, 36 minutes tonight, it's been steadily climbing. How did you feel out there and just in general how is your body feeling after these first few games?
MALCOLM BROGDON: I feel great. I feel as though my role has been to come in, bring a spark, be the fresh legs on the team, bring the energy. I feel like I've done that for the most part. But we lost the game tonight, so I think all of us have a bigger role to play and more to do.

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