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May 19, 2019

Matt Wallace

Farmingdale, New York

Q. Last week at the British Masters runner-up, and then at the moment tied third here. Now, you couldn't have played in front of two more contrasting galleries.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah. The British fans were amazing last week. And then obviously the American fans here are rooting for their own. But that was crazy out there today, and it was -- there were so many cheers and roars going on that you kind of knew what was happening. D.J. is making a run at it.

But for me to try and stay in my own competition and try and finish third, really, in the end I wanted second, but I would have taken third. I think we're looking at tied third at the moment. That's not a bad week for me.

Q. And did you think today's were the most difficult conditions? The winds switched and the end of the golf course was brutal?
MATT WALLACE: I think that was shown by the scores. That was by far the hardest we had all week. I had a drive on 16 that I hit probably the best drive that I hit all week, and it probably went 250 yards down the hill. So I had the couple gusts out there today. But I really dug deep and showed another side to myself that I was proud and kept churning away and trying to produce the best I could out there, and 2-over was the best I could have done.

Q. Well, it was a really gutsy putt on 16 to save your par.
MATT WALLACE: Massive. 15 as well. Up-and-down from 75 yards, 16 up-and-down from 60 yards. And just constant on that back nine. It was hard. But, yeah, really happy with that. And I can do that now, and that's what you need to do in majors. So I've done it now and hope I can two steps better in a few weeks' time.

Q. And would you be ready to put your name on the Ryder Cup in 2024 and take them all on?
MATT WALLACE: I looked in the mirror this morning for some reason and I saw yesterday's highlights, and I thought, yeah, I could see myself playing Ryder Cup here, and I don't feel like I can -- I want to be there now. I really do. And I feel like I can be there, whereas before maybe I didn't feel like I could, and now I really feel like I can.

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