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May 19, 2019

Laura Davies

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Q. You made a good start, two early birdies and probably had it going. What's the story?
LAURA DAVIES: Well, yeah, that's exactly the start we wanted, 2-under after four, and hit a really nice 8-iron into the fifth, hit just a bit short of where I was trying to land it, and I thought it was fine. Next minute I'm down near the pine straw off the green 40 yards, and I four-putted it. You could only putt it because it was on this ruffled area. And didn't get it up the first time and then three-putted with the second one and then three-putted the next, and that was it, really. Then it was a struggle.

I was just trying to hang in there. Trying to get a top-5 finish. I just thought all the way around, get back to 4 or 5 and you might get in the top 5, which would have been a satisfying week. Tied for ninth, not so much.

Q. We've been asked to ask you about your appearance at the Women's Open in Charleston. Are you excited about that? Tell us a little bit about that.
LAURA DAVIES: Oh, I can't wait. It's brilliant. I'm looking forward to it. I am hoping the course will be a little softer. Probably not, knowing the weather that they're having in Charleston, as well. But this course really got to me. So I'm hoping that I play a lot better in Charleston, and also Kingsmill next week, than I did this week. I saw too many white posts out there, and it really made me negative on the tee shots, and that killed me. But I'm hoping Charleston is going to be a different type of layout where I can hit lots of drivers, where this week was lots of irons because you had to be very careful. But no, I can't wait. It's a real privilege to get a spot in there because of winning the seniors last year, so it was nice that they did that.

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