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May 19, 2019

Marty Jertson

Farmingdale, New York

Q. You made the cut in this championship and that was one of the goals, but tell us about the experience you had, and what are some of your takeaways?
MARTY JERTSON: It's a lot of fun playing ail four days. It's my first time ever. I was 0-for-3 in THE PLAYERS Championships and to 0-for-4 in Tour events making the cut. That's my lifelong dream is how to get my game in shape to make the cut in a major, and I pulled it off with my ball-striking and putting were both really good those first two rounds. This has absolutely been a dream week. The fans, the weather, the big stage, you can't ask for a better week.

Q. You also had to understand what it takes for four days to keep it going.
MARTY JERTSON: Yeah, I think after that second round, I didn't sleep great. I slept good prior to the first and second round, but I didn't sleep good going into the third round. I think I was just too excited, and probably just a little bit emotional letdown, along with mechanical issues. Snuck back into my old ways and ball-striking and a little sloppy today.

Q. What, if anything, can we take away from the 410 driver?
MARTY JERTSON: Yeah, I hit the driver great at Belfair. It's trying to bring the service that the Tour guys get and that's what playing out here gives me a little taste of that. One of the goals that I have in my job with PING is to deliver the service that Tour players get, so we had all the trucks here this week, for example, and the Tour guys can custom weight their drivers a little bit to get them to THE Tour Championship in the left/right bias. At 410, we delivered that to the people. Just like Bethpage Black is the course for the people. We tried to deliver that to the people.

One of the things I tried to work on is try to bring what Tour players get and deliver it to the people. That's what we do with the 410 is we have adjustable waiting that gives people the same access to customizing their ball flight and we try to make the driver go long and straight and it's possible to do that. I think you're seeing all the guys who are driving it great this week at the top of the leaderboard and keeping it in the fairway.

Q. The PGA of America recognizes that you're one of the rarities that we have in the association in being able to be that close to technology and also claim that bath on your chest?
MARTY JERTSON: Yeah, I'm glad the organization supports so many different categories, whether you're a golf coach or any number of different things, college golf coach or in the industry as a sales rep, right. We have a lot of classifications that are under the umbrella of The PGA of America, and I'm proud to be in the A19. I've never met another A19, but I'm proud to be one.

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