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May 19, 2019

Donna Andrews

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Q. That was a nice little celebration there on 18 because you shot even par, right?
DONNA ANDREWS: I did. I did. I said every day, all I want to do is beat this golf course, and today I started out, birdied the first two holes, and I was like, okay, today's your day. Left myself a couple testers on 17 and 18. I had to make six-footers on both holes today, but made them, and the tears started to flow. I can't tell a lie.

Q. You birdied 12 to go to 1-under, and then bogeyed 15, and then parred the last three. That's a strong finish; you must be very proud of that, considering you're in this elevated status, you're the host, you set a personal goal. That's got to make you feel really good.
DONNA ANDREWS: I did. I had a little trouble about 10 trying to refocus and stay in the moment. I felt myself getting ahead of myself, and then really refocused and really just tried to play one shot at a time. When I made the bogey on 15, that was disappointing because I laid it up in a fairway bunker, left myself a 75 -- I mean, I got it on the green, but I had like a 75-foot putt and three-putted, and I left it short just in the jaws and went, okay, no more short putts. You can't shoot par on this golf course leaving them short. So I didn't leave any more short.

Q. How about just a summation of the week for you?
DONNA ANDREWS: It was an awesome week. So much fun to have all my family and friends here, all my extended family from the LPGA Tour. This has been my family for my life, so to have all of them here playing on my home golf course here at Pine Needles, the course was in beautiful shape, they did a great job out there keeping it where we could play it, and great -- everybody is playing great golf today. Lots more low scores today. So it'll be a fun finish today.

Q. And obviously from the sign and the flowers, your kids are glad to have you back.
DONNA ANDREWS: They are. They'll be glad that this is over with because they haven't seen a lot of mom this week. So back to mom duties starting tomorrow morning.

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