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May 18, 2019

Kyle Larson

Charlotte, North Carolina

Q. Kyle Larson, congratulations, man. What a night. I think you've got your mojo back.
KYLE LARSON: Thank you, Jeff.

Q. We talked to you after the Open and you weren't real happy with the way you guys executed in that part of the night, but boy, did you guys turn around. How did you get this thing done?
KYLE LARSON: Yeah, we struggled at the beginning of that race, I was pretty tight deep in traffic and worked on it, worked on it, got to where I was too loose, got some damage actually‑‑ we got good track position, then I got damage from the 12 clear up in front of him, I hit him too hard, and we had some good stops, but we had to repair damage along with it, so we couldn't show for how good our stops were.
But yeah, the last few restarts, I don't really even know what all went down to get up. I restarted deep and then I got all the way up to 6th, I think, before we had a couple more restarts, and Harvick gave me a heck of a push from the third row all the way up past Chase for the lead, and then Kyle was extremely fast on his old tires, so I was nervous about that. And Harvick, I felt like he had the quickest car throughout the last two days. Just clean air, I held it wide open. That's as hard as I've ever pushed a pedal for that long. I just had to guess where he was trying to go, take his air away and got the job done. Can't say enough about these guys. They've been working so hard, and we've been tearing up a lot of equipment, having a lot of bad luck. But we can kind of forget about all that now.

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