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May 18, 2019

Matt Wallace

Farmingdale, New York

Q. When you see Brooks as far up on the leaderboard --
MATT WALLACE: He's a good golfer, isn't he. That's pretty much plain and simple. When you've got the ball under control like he does and he's putting great and chipping and putting and everything's perfect, that kind of happens. Tiger did it. I remember Monty saying, nobody was ever going to catch Tiger at that Masters that he won, and this is pretty much the same.

Luke had a good chance there. He was playing some really good stuff in the middle and I thought if he could sneak another couple, or one more, you know, four-shot lead isn't as much as what it could be on the last day.

So who knows? I'll try and finish highest of the bunch that I'm around and see where that puts me.

Q. Low lining?
MATT WALLACE: Low lining? What does that mean? Don't know what that means.

Q. What's the approach tomorrow?
MATT WALLACE: Well, Dave spotted something on the 16th tee where I hit it right. I've been losing it right with driver a little bit, swinging too long. It's a bad habit that I have normally. And then he said come on, shorten this one up on the 18th and I did, and I flushed it straight down the middle, so that's positive going into tomorrow.

Then I'm going to go and do some putting now. Felt like I lost my speed and my touch and my rhythm out there in my putting. So obviously everything's got to be good tomorrow to shoot under par. But I feel like there's a score out there. I've shown I can play the front nine well and if I can get it going on the back nine, hopefully I can dig deep into the stuff that I've done in like Denmark and try and put on a show for the crowd and get it on the greens and get the ball rolling into the hole.

Q. Are you comfortable --
MATT WALLACE: I do. It's weird. I think it's this new onset and site that I've got for my game and where I want to be in the future; I want to be here and I want to be competing, and I'm kind of here now, even though Brooks is miles ahead. I've got to do some work tomorrow and try and get as many World Ranking points as I can, and that will give me confidence going into the rest of the years, and also majors in the coming years -- well, in the few years to come.

That's important to me, and there's a lot of drive for me to go out there and prove myself, and try and put a good show on for the crowd.

Q. The crowd --
MATT WALLACE: So much noise.

Q. Did anything penetrate? Is there anything witty?
MATT WALLACE: There's a lot of witty comments out there.

"Do it for the queen is one of my favorite ones" which I find funny. I mean, it's good fun, and 17 was seriously loud.

Q. Is that somewhat your mentality, finish top of the table?
MATT WALLACE: Absolutely. I think I've been looking at that the whole time, and then seeing what Brooks gets up to, sort of thing, like how many under does he go.

I think we all can agree that Brooks is probably the best player here this week, but it's a major, and it's another golf tournament and it's hard, and who knows, someone could come out of the pack tomorrow and it could be 5- or 6-under par.

If I can get to double figures tomorrow, I mean, a playoff would be nice.

Q. The difference between winning the three majors he's won, and then doing what he's doing this week, the gap, does it -- can you see what that he's doing this week, what he's doing in the game, starting to separate himself?
MATT WALLACE: Potentially. Potentially. I mean, he's at the top of his game. He's showed it at the Masters. He nearly won that, and probably didn't play his best golf. And then he's playing his best golf here in another major, and he's just showing his class, really.

That gives me drive to try and get better, you know. Maybe not bigger, but definitely better at golf.

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