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January 7, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. You birdied three of the last five to jump back in and make up some ground with what was a difficult round again on the greens.

TIGER WOODS: Oh, it's pitiful. Didn't make anything. Consequently, I'm lucky enough that Vijay didn't run off with it. With the start he had, he could easily have put 4- or 5-under on that back nine and it could have been, off he goes. At least I made a run at it at the end and kept my spirits a little bit up.

Q. Is part of it just not being able to trust what you see?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I don't like having to hit the ball this hard. I've always been good on bentgrass greens, anything that's fast. I always putt well on very fast greens, the faster they get, the better I putt. Hitting putts this hard from such a short distance is just not what I like to do.

But, hey, we all have to do it. We've never seen the greens this slow here, so you just have to make an adjustment and go ahead and do it and then adjust it. That's the battle I'm trying to fight right now, is getting up there and trusting the speed when it's so freaking slow. You've got to hit it so hard.

Q. Looking at the glass half-full here, a year ago you might have said, I'm saving myself with my putting, but this week you're saying, I have to make my putts fall in.

TIGER WOODS: It's interesting, because I have really never putted well here. Last year, same thing, I averaged like 32 putts a day and consequently, I didn't win.

If I average my normal putts per round, like the rest of the year, I've got a shot at it. But I just need to make more putts. I'm hitting great. I'm hitting close. I just need to make those putts.

Q. Tomorrow is moving day; what does moving day mean to you?

TIGER WOODS: Every day is moving day and that's what people don't realize. The first day counts just as much as the second, third or fourth. I never really looked at it like that, like it's moving day. You've got to continue with the same attitude and keep going forward.

Q. The hilly stuff, Mark Hensby said next year he's going to take up yoga next year because of all of the weird stances out here.

TIGER WOODS: I think it's similar to how you feel at Augusta with all of the uneven lies. One difference here, this is kind of a links-style golf, that's the only difference. You still have uneven lies on a lot of different golf courses we play, whether it's Westchester or here or Augusta. We play some pretty hilly courses.

Q. What did you hit on 18, second shot?

TIGER WOODS: 2-iron.

Q. Does it become kind of a mind game out here with the greens?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, you have to just somehow understand, you've just got to go ahead and hit the putts just so freaking hard.

End of FastScripts.

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