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May 18, 2019

Helen Alfredsson

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Q. Can you give us an assessment of your play today, please?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Tee to green I think it was almost above average. I mean, it wasn't great, but I hit a lot of greens. I putted my -- it was atrocious. I could have made it into a great round, really good round, but I just made nothing, and then I missed a short one. But it's hard, I just said, when you don't play as much anymore and you're trying to get ready, you can get ready shot-wise and putt-wise, but how the body feels and how it reacts, and then you're on a course like this, it's not every day you play these types of conditions now. So yeah, it makes for a little tougher.

Q. Was the putting based on where your ball was on the green?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: It was my pace. It was ugly, really ugly. I just don't really get comfortable over it. But it's the same for everybody, so you just have to grind, just try to find something that you can deal with and work with.

Q. So the grinding is something that usually happens at the U.S. Open and probably something you've got to do tomorrow?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Yeah, grinding -- U.S. Open, as much as I remember, it's always been -- you know it's tough. You know it's tough. You know you've just got to keep going. You know you're going to make doubles. You know you're going to make -- this is kind of one of the -- I shouldn't say kind of because it is very tough, even for us, but U.S. Opens is about just staying patient, and it's not really one of my strengths, even though I'm getting older, so I'm getting too tired to be too excited about stuff or upset about stuff.

Q. Do you have a really low round in you tomorrow do you think?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Who knows? I mean, today could have been a quite low round if I would have made some very, very, very makeable putts. But you never know. I mean, do you? I'm just going to have to take tomorrow. I'm happy where I am.

Q. How many tournaments a year do you play now?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Just two. And it's six months in between, so you don't really -- I enjoy golf. I love golf. It's my sanctuary. That's where my -- I'm the calmest when I go home and I practice. But that's a long ways between that and U.S. Open-type golf.

Q. Because of that, does it surprise you how well you've done here when you haven't had that tournament --
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Well, I think I just -- I think maybe we had a pretty good sense of course management, and I had my distance quite in order, so it helps a lot when you can hit it fairly far.

Q. You do a lot of practice every day, though? Do you do something with golf even though you're not playing tournaments pretty much every day?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Yeah, I mean, my husband likes to play and I have a ton of friends at home that like to play. So yeah, I enjoy it. I've always loved the game of golf, and it's so rewarding. I don't get as upset, and I don't get as eager. A bad shot is not that bad, you know. But still, yeah, I do enjoy the game very much.

Q. So you don't feel like maybe that gives some of the other ladies who are playing a lot more tournament golf an edge tomorrow? Do you feel that's a disadvantage to you or an advantage?
HELEN ALFREDSSON: Well, it has been, obviously, with Laura and Juli. They've played competitively. So yeah, it could be. I don't know, I've just got to stick to my game plan and try to hit good golf shots.

Q. Laura said you're still beating her everywhere you turn up anyway.
HELEN ALFREDSSON: That is certainly not true. No, it's certainly not true. But I think that we grew up just playing, hitting golf shots, playing the golf course, and managing the golf course. You know, we weren't -- I was never very technical and I was never worried so much about the golf swing and was never sort of a grinder eight-hours-a-day type person. I think our generation was more to play and feel your way around the golf course.

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