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May 18, 2019

Donna Andrews

Southern Pines, North Carolina

DONNA ANDREWS: Glad I could hang in there as well as I did.

Q. How was the following for you?
DONNA ANDREWS: Oh, it's been great. So many of my students are out there, my family, my friends. It's just been great having so many people out there.

Q. We talked about earlier this week about the balance between being a host of the event and now you're in the middle of the pack here. What's next for you tomorrow? What do you think?
DONNA ANDREWS: I'm going to go work on my golf swing a little bit. I'm going to try to sneak in down at my learning center and use some of my aids that I have down there, work on my swing a little bit. My goal is to beat the golf course. I would like to shoot even par or better. I know I can do it. I've played well enough to do it. I just haven't done it yet, so hopefully I've got one more day to try to do that.

Q. How about conditions from yesterday to today? Pretty similar?
DONNA ANDREWS: Pretty similar. You know, they moved us up on a couple of tees that I thought were funny tees to move us up. I thought the only person it gave an advantage to was lawyer I see Dave I see. But the golf course is what it is. It's not what I'm used to playing. But I've handled the changes and handled it okay. It just -- it's hard to be aggressive and go at pins, so it's hard to make lots of birdies because you just can't go at pins. If you go at pins then you end up way past them. So you really find yourself playing conservative golf out there.

Q. For someone who doesn't go out there and play on the road all the time, how are you feeling physically?
DONNA ANDREWS: Actually I was very sore this morning when I got up. I felt like a senior this morning when I got up. But you know, I did okay out there. My body held up. I can't blame any of my poor swings on my body. It's hurting, it's aching, but I think all of us seniors feel that.

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