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May 17, 2019

Kyle Lowry

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Postgame 2

Bucks - 125, Raptors - 103.

Q. When you look at that game, is there a positive you can take out of it? You had a 39-point third quarter. Did you guys strike on something that can maybe translate in terms of picking the pace up or whatever it might be?
KYLE LOWRY: I think we played a little bit freer that quarter. That quarter we played a little bit freer and made some shots. We just played a little bit better. We've got to play better defense. We gave up 125 points. That's too many points in the playoffs. We've got to play much better defense.

Q. Kyle, there would be times in the first half, and they're just small plays in a big game, but there are times in the first half you guys would close out, they'd airball a three, I think Giannis missed one, I think Brook missed one and the bounce would go to them and they'd go in. How back breaking are plays like that?
KYLE LOWRY: They got 17 points after second-chance shots. That definitely will hurt you. It's not a back breaker; we've just got to be a little bit more physical rebounding the ball. We know that they're going to crash a little bit more. But when we get outrebounded, we don't get to play the way we need to play. We've got to do a better job of rebounding the basketball. They had 11 offensive rebounds -- way too many. Those are things we can clean up.

Q. You looked to be in a little more pain tonight with your thumb. Was there a point in the game where you may have reaggravated it?
KYLE LOWRY: It is what it is at this point.

Q. Marc Gasol struggled offensively in the series the last two games. Is there anything you guys can do, anything you say to the guy? He's obviously a pretty experienced player, but how do you try and get him going a little bit?
KYLE LOWRY: Just probably maybe post him a little bit more early. He missed some shots. He missed some floaters. He missed some shots he usually makes. But a guy like him, he does so many small, different things on the floor that can help us. But he only played 19 minutes tonight. Coach went with a bigger lineup -- well, rather, went with Serge [Ibaka], a smaller lineup, tried to mix it up a little bit.

But we get to go back home and protect our home court like they did the last two games. Now we've got a chance to go home and protect home court and do what we're supposed to do.

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