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May 17, 2019

Matt Wallace

Farmingdale, New York

Q. First of all, is it a happy Matt Wallace now, despite that ending, but with this good round still?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I think anything under par around this golf course is very good. I think trying to move forward and trying to get better at golf, yes, I'm disappointed. I missed a short one on the seventh hole and 8, I hit the wrong club off the tee, really.

So yeah, disappointed, but we're at a major. I can't dwell on it now. I've got to move on and go for the weekend here.

Q. And the rest of the round, great playing?
MATT WALLACE: It was nice. Stayed patient. Didn't get off to a great start, so stayed patient and waited for my run, really and it came in bundles from the 18th onward and finished it off with a chip-in. Yeah, so that little middle stretch was nice.

Q. And obviously, you're looking forward to the weekend, and a couple of Danes are looking forward to next week, as well. How is it could tomorrow back to Denmark as defending champion?
MATT WALLACE: It will be my first tournament I will be at defending. Obviously I missed the Hero Indian Open for the WGC. So it will be nice to come back to an event that I've won before. It's at Himmerland which I've had success at, and the year before, I came sixth. I like the golf course. I like the people. I like the food. That 17th hole, or 16th hole is going to be rowdy. So might not be any different to here in New York, but it will be good fun and I'm looking forward to going on Sunday.

Q. Is it one of those events -- I know you won it, but is it one of those events that you remember?
MATT WALLACE: All the time. I think Fleming puts on a great event, and from last year, there's always one particular hole that you remember and that's what he tries to do. Last year, I think it was the 12th hole, with the drivable hole, and then obviously the 16th at Himmerland. You always remember those holes specifically, and I remember the ducks, as well, that they produce.

But I'm looking forward to going back and seeing my face up there with the trophy and seeing all the volunteers that helped us out in the last few years. So looking forward to coming back and hopefully I can put on a display for the Danish fans.

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