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May 17, 2019

Marty Jertson

Farmingdale, New York

Q. Marty, when I saw you at Belfair, there was a 410 driver in the bag that you designed. Take me from there, how much it's really been a great thing in your hands to help you get to this point.
MARTY JERTSON: What I've been saying, and all the other players have been saying, is that this week it doesn't benefit the straight hitter who hits it short and it doesn't benefit the long hitter who hits it crooked. You need to do both here obviously.

So my driver gave me so much confidence. And I know I'm not going to hit every fairway. I don't even know what my stats say. I didn't hit any kuku foul balls. When I did miss the fairway, they're barely in the rough, which they're super heavy here. But my confidence with my driver and my long game, that's what got me here this week that I didn't have in the PGA Championships in the past.

Q. When you get to this point, and I know you've been through this before, but to make the cut against a world-class field, and you're thinking about it at one point, but did you close it out and concentrate and just shot by shot throughout the day?
MARTY JERTSON: Yeah, it sounds cliche, obviously, but just trying to stay in the present, one shot at a time. My mindset was to move up the leaderboard. Not just make the cut. I think that's where it can get dangerous. My mindset was let's see if we can go up the board. And anything even under par would probably do that. And sure enough, I got a few breaks to go my way today, and then I hit a lot of quality golf shots and I made a couple big par putts the first couple holes that gave me the positive momentum.

Q. Were those the ones that really held the round together?
MARTY JERTSON: Yeah, at the beginning, because 1 and 2 -- or, yeah, I guess it wasn't -- was it 2 I had the par putt as well? Yeah, 1 and 2, I had long par putts. Those holes, as everyone knows, are a little on the easier side.

Q. How far were the par saves?
MARTY JERTSON: No. 1, it was probably a 18-footer, something like that. I hit it over the green and chipped it down and barely got down, I probably made an 18-footer. Then a 12-footer on No. 2.

So after that I played really, really solid. I think I only made -- I made two bogeys today -- maybe I didn't. I don't even remember. I made one bogey coming in on 16. I didn't sweat it at all because I had a little bit of breathing room.

Q. 17, 18, just played smart from there?
MARTY JERTSON: Yeah, 17 I hit a great smart shot, 30 feet right of the hole, just lagged it up there. 18 I almost made birdie.

Q. How far was the putt?
MARTY JERTSON: I hit it right on the fringe, pin high left, and it was probably only a 12-footer. The pin is only 4 paces off the left, so it was probably a 12-, 13-footer. And it burned the edge. Almost went in. That would have been fun, but I'll take it.

Q. Did you take the preparation of Belfair and other places as a help for you to get to Bethpage?
MARTY JERTSON: Yeah, especially the ball striking. That Belfair set up, so you had to hit a lot of drivers. And that's so important. Arizona golf, where I'm from, you just don't get as many drivers. The desert course, a little more targety. So Belfair really helped me get in the rhythm of hitting drivers and long irons, which you wears those out here.

And then I got out here -- candidly, I did not putt good at all at Belfair. I played terrible. Until the last round, I had an average putting day. I got here and saw these greens, I was feeling the love. This was like a long putter, long putter technique, which is just awesome on these pure poa annua greens.

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