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May 17, 2019

Lisa DePaulo

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Q. What worked for you today?
LISA DEPAULO: Not letting the USGA drive me crazy. (Laughs.)

No, I just stayed -- I mean, I didn't let anything bother me.

Q. What are the challenges of this golf course?
LISA DEPAULO: Not hitting bad shots. I mean, if you hit a bad shot, you are going to pay severely. And getting the -- trying to stay below the hole.

Q. How challenging are these greens?
LISA DEPAULO: They're so challenging, it's ridiculous. They are something else. I mean, I was going to get ready to complain about my putting because I missed -- I had two three-putts and missed several putts inside six feet, but I had six birdies, so I don't think it's -- you can't even complain about your putting I don't think when you've had six birdies, not in my league.

Q. And what are your -- what's your mindset going to be going into the weekend now?
LISA DEPAULO: I just want to keep getting a little better every day. I'm honing in on it. They did some watering last night, and that changed some approach shots.

Q. On your front nine, you had a stretch where you bogeyed three in a row and then you followed that with two birdies. That was a pretty good switch for you?
LISA DEPAULO: That was really nice. You know, on the front -- wait, the front side --

Q. The back side, I'm sorry.
LISA DEPAULO: Yeah, I got into a little -- just had a little problem there and made -- I think I had a three-putt. One here I just wrote I made a good stroke, and I made a bogey, and then it was nice to birdie 17 and 18. And I mean, I had it inside 10 feet on 1, and in all honesty, I thought, this would be pretty cool to go three birdies in a row at an Open, and I banged it, and I three-putted from 10 feet.

Q. Were your birdies of length or were they all pretty close?
LISA DEPAULO: The longest one I made was on 18, I was pin high about 25 feet, and it was going at a nice pace. I told myself I'd keep my head down really good, and when that hit the pin and went in, I kissed the flagpole. I like that new rule.

Q. How do you like your position on the leaderboard? Tell us about that.
LISA DEPAULO: Last I saw, I think I was tied for fifth and maybe leader in the clubhouse. Everybody is teeing off; is that right?

Q. You're leading in the clubhouse.
LISA DEPAULO: I'm liking it. I'm ready to have a beer, a cold beer.

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