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May 16, 2019

Lisa DePaulo

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Q. Pretty good round out there.
LISA DePAULO: Thank you.

Q. Tell us about your impressions of how you played.
LISA DePAULO: I actually played pretty well. I made a few bad swings and I paid the price.

I started off solid getting a couple birdies early, and then on the backside I just -- it was really weird. Just made a few bad swings. Last hole there was a bad decision.

But, I mean, I'm playing well and I feel like I left four or five shots out there. If I can improve every day, it would be great.

Q. Did the wind change at all from the start to the end?
LISA DePAULO: The wind is very tricky out there. I remember playing in the Open in 2001 listening to Johnny Miller walk around, and he was talking about backdraft in the trees, and I didn't know what he was talking about. Now at age 53 I think I understand.

You could be ready to hit a shot that you feel like you're downwind, and then next thing you know you've come up short and into the wind. It would switch really fast or swirl around. It was very strange. The wind didn't affect my shot one bit on the 18th hole there. I had 160 yards in and I carried it 150 somehow. I was planning on carrying it 135.

Q. How about your putting today?
LISA DePAULO: Putting was -- my lag putting was very good. I did miss three birdie opportunities inside six feet, but I did some good lags. I got up and down on one of the holes that I hit -- I don't know, 9. Terrible second shot. Crazy up and down good, and made a great putt.

So I didn't do anything poorly and I hit a lot of good shots. It's really tough.

Q. Changed clubs twice with your shot.
LISA DePAULO: Oh, right there?

Q. Coming down 18, yeah.
LISA DePAULO: Oh, God, I had no idea what to do.

Q. Is that the process you had most of the time when it trickled off?
LISA DePAULO: I don't have these shots a lot. I worked a lot on flop shots out of the rough at home. I don't know what I was thinking. That's the longest grass on the whole golf course right here and it's not even on the golf course.

That was bad prep. I had no idea if I wanted to carry it 20 yards and let it check. I've got a friend from Scotland. Hits a lot of 7-iron, 6-iron run shots. Then I thought, I'm from Texas; really not from Scotland. I went with to the old hybrid that I used a lot last year.

Last time I hit that shot was at Chicago Golf Club last year. I had to hit it so many times, but I haven't hit it since last July.

Q. But you had an over-par round and you're still right near the top of the leaderboard. That's got to be satisfying?
LISA DePAULO: Super satisfying and super encouraging. I've worked very hard on my game and I really hit a lot of good shots today. Really pleased with how I played.

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