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May 16, 2019

Matt Wallace

Farmingdale, New York

Q. Off to a good start. Tell us your verdict on things out there today.
MATT WALLACE: Going to shoot 59 in the first four holes, I felt like. I was playing great, and really enjoyed being out there and kind of felt calm and chilled and just happy. And then the middle spell came, it was unexpected where I hit three bad shots, but the bogeys are going to kind of come out there, and when you're not absolutely perfect.

Yeah, happy how I dealt with that, stayed calm made, a great birdie on 12 to get it back and give myself really good chances down the last there and just missed it.

Q. It was interesting with the first start, and we're talking about people (indiscernible) British Masters, coming across a totally different vibe, totally different feel of the tournament. Might struggle some of them, but you've been well, Tommy's done well?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I just played really nice. I've done a lot of good work this week, but also saved my energy and didn't do anything on Monday. Went to New York, which was nice. And then Tuesday played a chilled-out 9 holes, did some putting. Worked on my putting. Last week wasn't a great display of putting, but today was a lot better.

And overall happy with my performance. Obviously got to work a little bit with the driver on some shots, but the rest of it, satisfied.

Q. When you say comfortable (indiscernible) you obviously feel that majors are where you belong and there's nothing to be afraid of in playing majors?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I think -- what's this now, my 6th or 7th major, so with every one you come to. And also you're playing against the same guys you play over here a lot of the time.

So, yeah, I -- I feel comfortable, I feel like I compete and play. And I've just got to do my own thing and not get in my own way and stay patient, stay calm.

Q. Fellow competitor (indiscernible) how impressive is that, and how difficult is it going to be to catch him?
MATT WALLACE: Very difficult. Seeing him not play for birdie on the par 5 as well. So seriously impressive and great scoring, and he knows we're trying to catch him up somehow.

Q. Birdied 1, and then (indiscernible).
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, you know on these greens if it's going in or not, they're so pure. So very happy with that. Yeah, would have been nice to get a couple at the end there, hopefully give myself a chance at 16 and 18. But overall very happy.

Q. How important is it try to kind of take advantage (indiscernible) holes when you potentially try and think (indiscernible)?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I think you can make birdie from some areas when you're in the fairway obviously. I had that little stretch in the middle the there where I missed fairways, I missed greens, and you're going to make bogey, so I just kept telling myself, listen, you're going to do this if you miss shots. So try to (indiscernible) play that perfectly.

Q. Something go in?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, that's probably my best hole of the day, driver, 5-iron, pitch in. I've been working hard on my left-to-right putts, and then (indiscernible) right in the middle, a great place.

Q. Has this been a year of your work and playing (indiscernible)?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, last week wasn't so good. So this week I was playing with my coach and Phil Kenyon as well out there. And it was important trying to get the process. I was doing (indiscernible), I was doing right, some straight putts. My straight was really good. Some breaking putts. I wasn't in my lines. So I've gone to just trying to hit a spot maybe 6 inches in front of me and then seeing the break, go to the hole (indiscernible).

Q. Sometimes you (indiscernible) 18?

Q. (Indiscernible) a lot of respect (indiscernible). How are you trying to work on that, and how tough is that balance between (indiscernible)?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, I think there's ways you can do it. Having this new team around me and thinking about the bigger picture and stuff like that, it helps you control it more internally rather than letting it come out. I think last week showed that I'm still new to it, and I haven't got it right down to the T yet.

So working hard on that. And, again, shows that I've tried to stay patient, even with that middle spell where I didn't play great, I stayed within myself, stayed calm and knew that people were going make bogey (indiscernible).

So, yeah, I'm really happy today, really happy with myself, more importantly how I performed, and hopefully I show everyone out there that that isn't me, what I did on 18 last week. I do apologize for that, and go from there.

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