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May 15, 2019

Terry Stotts

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. What's the focus going into Game 2?
TERRY STOTTS: You know, we'll regroup. We'll play better. I mean, we didn't play a very good game at either end, and it is a loss. But I think we know we have to play better on both ends to get a win.

Q. Do you think the team is affected because you guys went seven games and they had a shorter series?
TERRY STOTTS: It could have been. Like I said last night, I don't think anybody is going to use that as an excuse, but that could have played a part.

Q. What was the one thing that bothered you most about the game?
TERRY STOTTS: I don't know. We just didn't have a good game. We had too many turnovers. We didn't shoot the ball well. You know, we've said from the beginning, to beat Golden State you have to play good offense, and we didn't have a good offensive game. Defensively there's things we can improve on, as well, but to be honest, going into the fourth quarter down six, I think they had 70-some points going into the fourth quarter. You know, it's just, I don't know if it's one thing because we didn't play necessarily that well at either end.

Q. In light of that Enes Kanter is doing with Ramadan and everything, how impressed have you been that he's played through that?
TERRY STOTTS: I think he has a really good spirit about him. If you follow him on social media, how he approaches Ramadan, I think from a mental aspect, he's very comfortable with what he's doing and what it does for him. So I think he's handled it very well.

Q. Have you ever coached a player who has done what he's done?
TERRY STOTTS: No. Well, yes and no. I had Shareef Abdur-Rahim, but I don't know if we necessarily, it wasn't during the Playoffs.

Q. Can you imagine what it takes mentally and physically?
TERRY STOTTS: I think it shows a lot of discipline, and just it is a mental thing as much as it is physical. I think we've always said this about athletes. It's mind over matter, and I think he's showing that.

Q. You guys obviously didn't make as many shots as normal last night. When you look at the tape, do you feel like Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum got the kind of shots you wanted, in the right spots?
TERRY STOTTS: I thought they had some shots. I thought the most concerning things were their double teams and how we attacked those, how we free Dame and CJ up a little bit better, and then when they do commit to either one of them, then being able to make them pay with four on three or whatever.

Q. How good do you think the Warriors are defensively? They get a lot of attention for their offense.
TERRY STOTTS: I think their defense has always been a little underrated throughout this entire run. They're very smart. They help each other really well. They can play a variety of defense. When you've got guys like Klay Thompson and [Andre] Iguodala and Draymond Green, who can guard multiple positions and be help defenders and have experience, it makes them a much better defensive team.

Q. Do you approach the next game as if Rodney Hood will play?

Q. There's been a lot of attention on pick-and-roll coverage. How much do you have to reconsider your approach with dealing with Stephen Curry off of pick-and-rolls?
TERRY STOTTS: Is Anthony Slater here? I was going to apologize to him. Honestly, we have to, I can get into a long thing. He had 20 pick-and-rolls, he scored five times on them, but they were all threes. I think we have to rethink it. But we were down six going into the fourth quarter, and Steph had one basket in the fourth quarter.

So you know, they scored 39 in the fourth quarter without him scoring in a pick-and-roll. So it goes beyond that. But yes, we have to revisit what we want to do on the pick-and-rolls.

Q. Does Zach Collins at the five kind of expand your toolbox in terms of coverages?
TERRY STOTTS: I don't know. You know, the challenge for us regardless of personnel is that Golden State is such a unique offensive team. Klay [Thompson] and Steph are unique players. They're different than what we played in the first and second round. So adjusting to what they do is probably our biggest concern.

Q. If you hadn't played Game 7, you might have only had two quarters of basketball left at halftime in your season, and you sat Hood and Collins at the start of that half. Would you consider that during this series, doing that?
TERRY STOTTS: That's a loaded question. But yeah. I mean, we'll make changes as we deem necessary, and we'll do it when we think it's necessary.

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