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May 15, 2019

Quinn Cook

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. How important was it confidence-wise for you to see the two shots go in? Steve [Kerr] said it was two of the biggest shots of the game.
QUINN COOK: It's always good to see the ball go in as a shooter. But you don't really look at the stats or percentages, how you've been shooting. Just come in help your team. Law of averages. You put the work in, everything will take care of itself. My teammates have the ultimate confidence in me, my coaches. Anytime I pass up a shot they yell at me; they need me to score aggressively.

Q. I know you're asked a lot about staying ready. How much of a mental grind is it to not play, and what did it take mentally to be able to go in there and produce the way you did?
QUINN COOK: For me, I have a different perspective on it. I'm in the NBA. If I'm playing or if I'm not playing, I'm always happy. I try to be the best teammate I can be. I just want to be considered a winner. If I'm in a rotation, not in the rotation, I'll always be ready.

I think that says a lot about our team, our organization. Strength in numbers has been the motto for this team, and it's been proven over the last couple of years. Obviously, we have the star power. But I think what makes this team so special is the guys who don't get the recognition who come in off the bench and who put the work in daily. Our leaders do a great job of giving us confidence. For me, staying ready is easy coming in here in a great atmosphere like this.

Q. Can it be hard to find a rhythm when you're not getting many shots in a game?
QUINN COOK: I think there is nothing you can really do playing pickup or getting up extra shots can simulate game speed and game pressure. But I think if you're doing extra stuff, it's easier. Staying in shape. If you're not playing, you're coming in here and getting your work in, staying after, lifting, getting extra shots I think it's an easier transition.

I think we've all been through it this year. It's not new for us. A lot of guys played 10 games and probably didn't play the next 10, or play three and didn't play the next three. I'm speaking of the supporting cast. I think you have to be ready at all times. We do a great job of just getting here and being professional.

Q. How has KD handled his absence?
QUINN COOK: He's handled it great. He's vocal. Still being a leader. Staying in all of our ears. Vocal during film. He's been great. I know he's been putting in extra work. I know he's excited to get back. We can't wait to have him back.

Q. What do you expect in Game 2 knowing that CJ and Dame weren't pleased with their performances in Game 1?
QUINN COOK: I think it was a quick turnaround for them. They had a grueling seven-game series that ended Sunday and they flew straight here. Quick turnaround. And we were off since Friday. I know those guys weren't happy how they played yesterday, especially Dame and CJ So I know that they'll pick it up tomorrow and we have to be ready for everything that they've got. We're all fighting for our season at this point.

Q. As stoic as sometimes Klay can be, what's it like to see him get hyped after a shot?
QUINN COOK: He gets hyped all the time. The camera doesn't really catch it, but he gets hyped all the time. He gives everybody tremendous energy, just how he is on and off the floor. Very unique teammate. Unique guy. Great leader. Leads by example and also with his voice. His play speaks for itself. He gives everybody a lot of energy. He's great to be around.

Q. Any examples that jump out as far as his leadership goes with lead by example and his voice?
QUINN COOK: Big games. You always know that he's going to be there competing on both ends of the floor. When he makes a big stop, he shows emotion. I think that's what we like about him the most. Obviously, his offensive abilities speaks for itself. But I don't think he gets enough credit defensively. He guards all the best perimeter players. He takes the challenge. And, like I said, he leads by example.

Q. What do you think goes on inside Klay's head during a game? What do you think? Music playing in there or what?
QUINN COOK: I don't know. I know he's locked in. I know he has those stretches where his face never changes. Whether he's making shots, whether he's missing shots, whether he's playing well defensively, he's always had that poker face. Sometimes he shows his emotion. But most of the time you never know what he's thinking about. I just take that as him being locked in. He's a true competitor. It's great to work with a guy like that.

Q. What do you think of the way Steph rose to the challenge of guarding Lillard and McCollum?
QUINN COOK: I think he knows those guys' games. He's been playing them for a while, especially at this level. He takes those challenges seriously. He knows that he has to be great defensively for us to be special. Obviously, he does what he does offensively. But defensively is where he doesn't get enough credit as well.

He takes those challenges seriously. It's not like he gets into a questionable battle. He sticks to the game plan. Sticks to our strategy. He's a tremendous leader. If he sees something, he voices it and picks everybody up. So he's a leader.

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