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May 15, 2019

JoAnne Carner

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Q. Was there ever a doubt you'd play, and what still drives you?
JOANNE CARNER: I wasn't sure I'd be alive at 80. But just a love of the game I think more than anything, just -- I've always loved competing, so give it one more shot, and it's just something -- sort of a goal that you have to have in order to play.

Q. And how often do you break your age at your home course?
JOANNE CARNER: Oh, a lot. You know, it's always easy when you know -- and I play with a friend of mine, so I play shorter tees quite often. Then it's very easy.

Q. Did you walk more in advance of this year's championship or do anything different in terms of --
JOANNE CARNER: I walk I figure 50 steps a hole, which is drive the cart to the first tee, get out and tee it up, park it near the green, walk on the green. That's my 50 steps. I haven't walked since last year.

Q. How does Pine Needles compare to Chicago golf in terms of your game?
JOANNE CARNER: It's playing very long. And my game is a lot shorter this year, too. I sort of lost 20, 25 yards, which is critical on this course. You need to have a short iron in your hand to get close to the pins and keep it in a certain area without going off, rolling down the typical Donald Ross --

Q. And what was the reaction amongst the players to last year's championship?
JOANNE CARNER: You mean everybody?

Q. Yeah.
JOANNE CARNER: Everybody loved it. I mean, they were so enthused. You know, and I talked to a lot of people that said it was just great press coverage and that they were following myself and some friends. You know, they said it's nice to get updates on all these players that used to be.

Q. What's your best Peggy Kirk Bell story?
JOANNE CARNER: I don't really have a favorite. It was just always fun to get in a driving contest. That was our ritual. We both thought we could out-drive one another.

Q. And I have a personal one because I was at Chicago golf. What happened to your red golf bag that you had last year?
JOANNE CARNER: It actually rotted out. It kept deteriorating as we played. It was going, and I said, no, I think it'll make it through in that heat, and the caddie sweating, it just peeled off.

Q. That's too bad. That was an amazing bag.
JOANNE CARNER: Yeah, it was kind of fun.

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