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May 14, 2019

Steph Curry

Oakland, California - Postgame 1

Golden State 116, Portland 94

Q. What did you make of all the open looks you got to get on a nice roll early, and just the way they played you defensively?
STEPH CURRY: Just [Andrew] Bogut and Kevon [Looney], Draymond [Green] set great screens. Obviously they had a certain approach and we just tried to be -- well, as the game went on, we got a little bit more patient. Just seeing the pictures correctly and obviously just got to make shots.

So yeah, it was a nice flow. We were moving the ball, too, early. Sometimes it's moving it too much and too quick, but for the most part I just try and create great shots, whether it's pick-and-roll or whether it's our normal motion-type offense. It worked out for us tonight.

Q. What's it like for you guys when you're in that flow when you guys are moving the ball and sharing the ball like you were the last couple of games?
STEPH CURRY: I mean, it's fun. It's when we're at our best in terms of everybody feeling like they are a threat on the floor. I mean, honestly even when K's [Kevin Durant] out there, he's our safety valve in terms of we can end a possession that way, but we try to get to those looks and those patterns as much as we can. It just puts so much pressure on the defense. You can't key in on one guy and even if you try to, somebody else is going to be open.

You see like the morale, like everybody's shoulders are up and smiles, and just aggressiveness all over the floor; whether that's setting a screen or swing, swing or cutting hard, all that type of stuff. When you create good shots that way, it's fun for everybody.

Q. How much do you think this game, not setting a trap for Game 2, but how much do you have to be cautious of how much Portland may be able to adapt and come out stronger in Game 2?
STEPH CURRY: I mean, it's like that every series when you win the first game at home. It's what you're supposed to do. We obviously played well tonight. We want to carry that momentum over to Game 2.

But you know, we've been in this situation plenty of times, and more so than not, have handled our business in Game 2. Obviously against the Clippers, we didn't and had to really work. Even against Houston, we went up 2-0 and the narrative is, can you win on the road?

It's just a game at a time, man. Having been through so many of these series, we understand what the drill is and they are going to make adjustments and probably play really aggressive and assertive in the first half. Game 2, we have to be ready for that punch and keep playing hard.

Q. Obviously in the last round, kind of knocked down the bench a little bit in a much tighter rotation, until Game 6. Game 6, played 11 guys. Tonight, obviously played a ton of guys. Played some different combinations. Does that feel more like yourselves? Do you understand what happens in the playoffs? What's the feeling when so many different guys, a [Jonas] Jerebko, a Quinn [Cook], get major rotation minutes?
STEPH CURRY: I mean, honestly, that's the beauty of the playoffs. Every series is different. When you have the capability to expand the bench and fill minutes with guys that are obviously capable, can help us on the floor on both ends, and you see like the confidence that they play with, you know, regardless of what the situation is, that's contagious for sure.

Houston series was interesting. It took a certain, you know, style and dynamic the first five games. Game 6, we obviously had to with K going out, fill those 40 minutes with a multitude of guys.

But we talk about it a lot in terms of how prepared, Quinn, Zo [Alfonzo McKinnie], JB [Jordan Bell], even Jonas, as well. Like they all put the work in, and they are not afraid of the moment. So when they are out there, they try to make plays and take shots they are supposed to take. It gives us a huge boost, and tonight was, you know, right up that street for sure.

Q. Were you surprised how they guarded you with their bigs tonight?
STEPH CURRY: I mean, we've played against [Enes] Kanter before, and there are certain looks you can get. But when it comes to just seeing the pictures, whether it's coming off and shooting every time, or, you know, giving it up and relocating or trying to get our motion offense going, you know, whatever the situation is, as long as we're just being patient, it's key for us.

So first 10 minutes, really, maybe even into the second quarter, we were just moving a little too fast. Obviously we made a couple shots that kept us afloat but we settled down and things really started to open up and when we knew what we were trying to go after.

Q. Obviously you got rolling in the second half in Game 6 in Houston. How much do you think was a carryover of that into tonight?
STEPH CURRY: It helped. I mean, again, I know what I'm capable of on the floor, and the situation calls for me to be a little bit more aggressive, and hopefully that will continue.

Obviously it's nice to see the ball go in. I didn't shoot the ball well for four and a half quarters -- four and a half games in the last series, and got on to a good start tonight. Want to maintain that.

Every game is different. You have to reestablish yourself, and that's my perspective no matter how I play.

Q. You guys had ruled Damian Jones out, and then he comes in and gives you feel-good minutes. Draymond said he could see him playing more because he gives you a guys a lob threat that he doesn't think you have. How did you feel seeing him on the floor, and could you see him maybe playing a little bit are a role here this series?
STEPH CURRY: Anything's possible with us in terms of who -- who is out there on the floor for sure, but for him, knowing that coming into this year, he was slated in that starting spot until DeMarcus [Cousins] got back, and he was learning on the job and playing well and gaining that confidence and experience. Obviously unfortunate injury that took the rest of the season away up until, you know, tonight. He's been grinding. I feel like the last three or four weeks, you're just seeing him get confidence out there, all the drills he's been doing. It was a nice surprise to see him get a couple minutes, and it's great for him. Who knows what will happen down the stretch but he's obviously capable in the offense that we play, and the experience that he gained in those first two months.

Q. You mentioned Kevon's ability to set screens. What did you think of his ability to run the break tonight? You and him, one of his three steals, ended up with a dunk from him, I believe.
STEPH CURRY: He's a pretty sneaky athletic in terms of open floor and the speed and whatnot. He's versatile, too. He can do a lot of different things. He can sacrifice his body on screens and block shots, rebound extremely well, and then when the pace starts to keep up or pick up, he can keep up for sure.

Just love the energy that he plays with, and when he knows he's going to be a huge part of what we do, he usually shows up.

Q. Can you talk about how fun it was to be on the court with your brother [Seth Curry] today in the Western Conference Finals? I saw him trying to get back on defense once when you had the ball. It's really special; you're the only brothers to ever do this.
STEPH CURRY: Yeah, we've been talking about it for the last couple days about how special it is. Obviously we've played plenty of games now on the same court, and you understand what that vibe is like. But on this stage, trying to chase a Finals appearance, it's pretty surreal.

I think I caught myself a couple times looking up in the stands at my parents, who did the whole coin flip thing, and they can't help themselves. So any time either one of us did something good, they both were clapping. So they got to fix themselves (laughter).

I told my mom, "Who are you with?" When I made a shot, I saw her stand up and cheer and I saw her in all Portland gear. It's just weird. It's probably more nerve-wracking for them in terms of just trying to get settled into what this series is going to mean.

Q. I think we did see both your parents cheer for both of you, but being out there on that court in that situation with Seth, did it kind of like bring back memories of playing in the driveway again, you know, going at it one-on-one with your brother?
STEPH CURRY: It always -- yeah, it always takes you back there for sure. From the time I could remember in the backyard playing, playing with each other one year in high school, I watch a lot of his games, too. So I get a nice, you know, built-in scouting report, just watching him, locking eyes on what he does, but we obviously know each other's games extremely well.

A different light goes off when you see your brother across from you, so again, we're going to enjoy this experience and it will be something to remember no matter how it ends up for sure.

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