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May 14, 2019

Terry Stotts

Oakland, California - Postgame 1

Golden State 116, Portland 94.

TERRY STOTTS: We had turnovers. We didn't finish well when we had our offensive rebounds. I mean, it was a tough night offensively.

Q. You said a bad night offensively. It couldn't have been a real good night defensively, either. What about the pick-and-roll coverage on Curry?
TERRY STOTTS: Well, to be honest, other than the fourth quarter, the game defensively was manageable. They got loose in the fourth quarter, and had, what, 39 in the fourth quarter. But going into the fourth quarter down six, we were finding ways to hang in on a night that we were struggling offensively.

Certainly, they got loose. It's a combination of how well they move without the ball and pick-and-rolls.

Q. Before the game, you had said that obviously NBA players are resilient. How much did you see the effects of Game 7 on Sunday maybe come into play tonight?
TERRY STOTTS: Oh, you know, it's -- it's possible that -- you know, having played a tough emotional game two nights ago, that could play into it but I don't think anybody will use that as an excuse.

Q. What kept you guys from getting going offensively and how can you change that?
TERRY STOTTS: Well, we'll look, I know it's cliché, but we'll watch the game film and see what they did. I know they gave Damian [Lillard] a lot of attention. They clogged the paint. We didn't finish the opportunities when we did have them. So when you turn the ball over and you don't shoot the ball well and don't finish around the basket well, we've got to look for other things.

You know, hopefully it's just one game, but that's why it's not one-and-done. We've got a series. It's one loss. We've got to play better, particularly at the offensive end, but we've got to be better at both ends.

Q. You guys managed to hang in there despite shooting poorly and despite the fact that, you know, your No. 1 and No. 2 guys didn't have great nights. Did that give you encouragement you could hang with those guys?
TERRY STOTTS: It really did. I felt like each quarter, it was going to break. Whatever was happening, we were still hanging around. So we were encouraged by that, and then obviously they broke loose in the fourth quarter, but down six going into the fourth, there was some things to be encouraged about. So you know, we'll bounce back and see what we can do better.

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