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May 14, 2019

Malcolm Brogdon

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Practice Day

Q. How important is it for you to go out and set the tone here at home and send a message?
MALCOLM BROGDON: It's important. It's the reason why we wanted home-court advantage, the reason why we went out and won 60 games this season, so we could solidify that and have Game 1 and Game 7 at our place.

Q. Can you quantify how much better you feel now than in Game 5?
MALCOLM BROGDON: I feel great. I felt great in Game 5. I feel great now. The rest only helps me.

Q. Coach said you'd be coming off the bench for Game 1. Is there a different vibe joining that bench mob?
MALCOLM BROGDON: It's fun. We play a different sort of style of basketball. We don't have as many juggernauts on that second team, so the ball moves and the guys play with a lot of freedom, play with a lot of confidence. We really try to serve, coming off the bench, as sort of spark plugs to the game.

Q. How much has it helped just getting those minutes in Game 5 just to get your feet back wet and get game action before this series?
MALCOLM BROGDON: It was huge. It would have been extremely tough to come into this series against the Raptors and the Eastern Conference Finals and not have played a game or any minutes yet, so that was very important for me.

Q. How important is it to get Giannis going and for him to get into his game and have your outside guys start knocking down?
MALCOLM BROGDON: It's important. But as far as Giannis, I think he just has to figure it out, whether it's passing at the beginning of the game or getting to the rim and scoring at the beginning of the game, knocking down shots. He's going to have to figure it out because the team will go as he goes.

Q. During the regular season Khris [Middleton] spent most times guarding Kawhi, but you also had that job at different times. What's it like defending a player of his caliber?
MALCOLM BROGDON: He's a great player. He can score at all three levels. One of the best two-way players in the game right now. So he can hurt you in a multitude of ways.

It's just about making it tough for him, making him uncomfortable every play down the floor and trying to limit his touches on the ball.

Q. Coach was saying he wants you to get more game reps so he can really see the progress. Has it been an anxious week waiting to get back out there?
MALCOLM BROGDON: For sure. I was ready to honestly keep the series going. If it had to go to a Game 7, I was looking forward to just continuing to play. I was hoping these other series would end earlier and we'd get to play Monday, but you've just got to sort of roll with the punches and be ready to play when your name is called.

Q. How quickly did you guys embrace the confidence and the freedom in [coach Mike Budenholzer's] system where there might not be bad shots in the triple shots?
MALCOLM BROGDON: I think we definitely embraced it, coming off of the last two years where there was some freedom but there was really not enough structure. Guys didn't have the confidence really to shoot the ball with confidence whenever they were open. Now Bud has given us that, and freedom and a little bit of structure. It's sort of the perfect balance. I think balance is the best thing he's given us this year.

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