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May 14, 2019

Pascal Siakam

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Practice Day

Q. Having had to attack [Joel] Embiid, does that prepare you in any way for Giannis if that is indeed the matchup when you have the ball, or are they so different that it doesn't mean much?
PASCAL SIAKAM: I mean, I think it's -- I don't know. It depends how they guard. Obviously Embiid is a big body. Giannis is long and athletic, too. But Embiid is like way bigger. So it's like kind of different, but it really depends how they guard, I guess.

Q. What's the last 48 hours been like for you since the shot went in and the whole city it seems like it's going crazy?
PASCAL SIAKAM: Yeah, I think the night of the shot was incredible. It was crazy. Amazing moment. Definitely excited to be a part of that. I'm definitely blessed to be here.

But I think after that, it was kind of like -- you have to move on. It's the next series and we have a big opponent coming up. So yeah, for me that night was -- the shot and all that, and then after that, it was like, Milwaukee.

Q. How many times have you watched it?
PASCAL SIAKAM: I don't know. A lot of times, I don't know. Yeah, because it's definitely one of those moments you've got to rewatch a couple more times. So yeah. I mean, I'm sure every time you start on Instagram you find something. So I've seen it a couple times.

Q. Coach [Nick Nurse] is kind of saying we'll see what happens when the ball goes up and kind of make adjustments from there. What are the priorities you guys were talking about in preparation?
PASCAL SIAKAM: You asked Coach?

Q. No, I'm asking you. What were your priorities today?
PASCAL SIAKAM: You should ask Coach Nurse. Why are you asking me?

Q. I want to hear from you.
PASCAL SIAKAM: He'd have a better answer. I mean, I think obviously we know what they want to do. They want to get shots at the rim or shoot threes, so we've got to try to limit that as best we can and contain guys like [Khris] Middleton, Giannis, obviously. Yeah, I don't know. I think you should ask that to Coach, though.

Q. Kawhi has been there before, he's been all the way. When you talk to him in the dressing room, what does he bring to the dressing room? What do you get from his experience in the league and in the Playoffs?
PASCAL SIAKAM: Yeah, I think he's always kind of like calm no matter what's going on. He definitely always has the same demeanor, the same kind of attitude, and I think he even when we lose he doesn't really get worried. So I think he's a good type of guy like that. The way you can look at it, he always gives you a guy that says, hey, there's going to be adversity and it's going to be tough, but we can definitely bounce back all the time.

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