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May 12, 2019

Sung Kang

Irving, Texas

Q. Sung, you've been in this position before but you used a little bit more energy here to close out the 3rd Round.
SUNG KANG: At the end, all of a sudden the wind direction started changing more towards the west and picked up a little bit more. Changed the last holes totally.

It's playing a lot tougher. Lot of good shots. Three out of four time I got it up and down really nicely. So, take that and then I have 3-shot lead for the going into the final round. We'll see what I can do.

Q. This 3rd Round split over two days. Coming off the back of a record tying 61. Was that in your mind that you needed to go back out and kind of respond after that low round?
SUNG KANG: Not really. The course was going to be playing a lot easier yesterday compared to first three rounds. I knew the guys will shoot really low. They shot even lower than what they actually did yesterday. I started off bad. I had some couple bad silly mistakes on the front-9, like on Hole 1 and 8, 7 where I should have made some birdies but I didn't get any birdies.

It played easier. Got to get out on the front-9, got to have some good start if you want to keep your round going.

Q. You mentioned you've been in this situation, you held the 54 hole lead in Houston a few years ago and now you don't have to sleep on the lead. It's a bit of an awkward period of time. How are you going to fill that?
SUNG KANG: What I learned from Houston Open I had like massive 7 shot lead going into Saturday so I thought I could have played more conservative like shoot a couple under par a couple days I thought I was going to win. Henley played really well. Guys are out here pretty good. It was just too late to play, get it back to my original game then.

What I'm trying to do no matter what they're doing, I'm going to try to post the low score as possible as I can actually post right now. It's a little different mindset going into Saturday and Sunday.

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