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February 25, 2004

Davis Love III


Q. You had a pretty good match.

DAVIS LOVE: It was close. Neither one of us played that great. I missed a bunch of fairways.

Q. You don't have to tell people. Make it sound like you played great.

DAVIS LOVE: Well, he made a couple birdies and I made a couple birdies, and it was just I hung in there, made a few short putts when I had to. If I hadn't have missed a couple and he hadn't have missed a couple, it would have been closer. It was nothing real exciting.

Q. TV just mentioned you're playing Fred. Is that weird or not weird for you guys to play each other?

DAVIS LOVE: Well, Kenny Perry said yesterday, "I don't like playing against my friends," but everybody out here -- I mean, Brian and I spent a lot of time together in Canada and played some practice rounds, so everybody out here is in some way, shape or form, buddies, so it'll be one of those matches where if one of us gets up, it'll kind of get quiet but it'll still be a fun day. Especially if I win it'll be a lot of fun.

Q. He says he hopes you don't shoot 64 again like you did at The Players Championship.

DAVIS LOVE: Well, I always seem to play good with him. I don't know why that is. We've never played each other in match play, so it'll be a little bit different. I do enjoy playing with him, but if he looks like he's driving it good, I'm going to have to drive it better than I did today to beat him.

Q. What did you do the first two days this week, anything interesting?

DAVIS LOVE: No, I just played two practice rounds. I haven't been playing, so I needed to get out and play the golf course, so I played 18 holes. I played nine with Fred and nine with Brad Faxon and 18 by myself, so it was a good warmup.

Q. Family didn't buy a parakeet or anything like that this week?

DAVIS LOVE: No, nothing like that. We got a dog last week at Palomar at the Humane Society.

Q. In LA or where?

DAVIS LOVE: No, at home.

Q. What prompted that?

DAVIS LOVE: We actually went to get some cats.

Q. The dog ate them?

DAVIS LOVE: We actually had a dog kill seven cats at our house in the barn, so I was going to replace them, but the lady at the Humane Society said no, these are house cats. She didn't like my story. She didn't want me to put them in the barn.

End of FastScripts.

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