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May 12, 2019

Scott Piercy

Irving, Texas

Q. Scott, just a remarkable round of golf. Not that you finished 2nd but to do so over 72 holes without a single bogey, that was just incredible.
SCOTT PIERCY: Yeah. That's the first time for me. I'm playing really well. Putts didn't fall on the back-9. Hit some pretty decent putts I felt like and misread them. To go 72 holes without a bogey is pretty awesome.

Q. You know, Sung Kang played well but I thought one of the turning points was the 15th green, you just gave him a perfect read off your putt and I thought you had made yours. Looked like it hit something and kicked it a little bit to the left.
SCOTT PIERCY: Yeah. One of those putts, I hit a good putt. Off by an inch. He gets up and has a perfect line for it. I mean he played great all day. He bounced back after bogey and hats off.

Q. Just a great week though. You zoom up the FedExCup list and get into the contention for the Wyndham Rewards Top-10 bonus pool as well.
SCOTT PIERCY: I think that gets me high enough in the World Rankings to get in the U.S. Open, too. I knew that.

Q. Lot of momentum for the summer months, congrats.

Q. Your 72 holes bogey-free. That's pretty impressive statistic and very rare. How did you do that?
SCOTT PIERCY: You know, I was in control of my golf ball all week and I controlled it a little bit better on the putting green, putts coming down the stretch. I felt comfortable. I was kind of in the groove. I knew the swing, where I was at. Hit it really good.

So, putter yesterday and early this morning. The back-9 it cooled off a lit bit. Take your hat off to Sung Kang. He played great. You play great, no bogies but there's always somebody that's a little bit better sometimes.

Q. I know there's a couple you want to have back including at 16. What did you see there especially since it really could have gone either way?
SCOTT PIERCY: I thought the grain was in off the right, slope was left to right. Green kind of funny. I think the lulls of where it's flat. I actually thought -- I wanted to play it an inch out on left. I thought the grain would hold it. It just went right hard on me. You're kind of chasing at that point.

Q. Little hop and then the line as well. It has to be encouraging to put together four rounds like that. I know you said off camera your game is feeling close but you're not getting those results. What do you take away from a week like this?
SCOTT PIERCY: The results were showing. Sixth Top-10 this year. Probably the best of my career. You know, 72 holes and playing like I did, it's really good. Just keep knocking on the door, hopefully it opens for you.

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