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May 12, 2019

Matt Every

Irving, Texas

Q. Matt, really was a rollercoaster ride in the final round. Couple of things you would have liked back on the back-9, especially at 15? What happened there?
MATT EVERY: I don't know. The left pins -- left pins left of them were like it was disaster. I'm kind of a fader, like to start everything left of the pin and work it back and it was just a weird shot for me, to be honest. I wasn't comfortable over it. I shouldn't have hit it. I should have backed off. My mistake. Do better next time.

Q. Golf is a game of ebbs and flows. You told me before your round you wanted to let the results come to you. How did you do that today?
MATT EVERY: I did pretty good with it. A point in the middle of the round like 7, 9, 11 and 12, just all my birdie putts. That's the way it goes sometimes. Sung was putting them in from everything like all week. It was his week. He played really good all week.

Q. It really was a battle to the end because you're going tit for tat right to the middle stretch there. What do you take away from a week like this?
MATT EVERY: I've been playing good for awhile. It's nice to get a decent result out of it. My status I've been -- haven't done well, finishing a shot out of the Top-10 three tournaments in a row and I needed to finish Top-10 to get into next week.

This should lock me up for next year. This is good. Better than what I had this year. Maybe this is like the halfway point of my career and I can do better from here on out.

Q. To be in groove and kind of you guys talking?
MATT EVERY: It was good. I had fun. The beginning was a lot more fun than the end for me. Every week out here there's only one winner. So you kind of get used to losing out here. You got to find small victories. Good week for me.

Q. To watch Sung obviously win, he did a lot of things well.
A I watched him for 72 holes. He didn't miss. Hard to beat. He played really good. Played really good. Hard to beat.

Q. You said you take away small victories. What do you like?
MATT EVERY: I like myself.

Q. Great playing Matt.
Sometimes it's not how you play it's how someone else plays. This has to give you an awful lot of confidence.

MATT EVERY: It does. I kind of gassed it a little coming in on 15, couple of those left pins, I like to fade it, wind off to the left just disaster left which is not a good set-up for me.

I could have hit better shots. Sung played really good. It would have been tough to beat him. I don't know if things would have gone a little different, 14, 15. You just never know. Played really good all week. Happy for him.

Q. You went after the wedge so hard on 15. Was it a bad number for you?
MATT EVERY: I didn't. It was just a terrible shot. It was actually a decent number, it was just a bad set-up for me. Left pin and I like to start everything left of the pin but literally a yard left of that pin is like 30 yards off the green. I have a hard time playing with a wedge. Just not a committed swing. I know better. I'll do best next time.

Q. You know what Matt, I saw a lot of great swings out there today. Congratulations.
MATT EVERY: I appreciate that.

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