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May 12, 2019

Sung Kang

Irving, Texas

Q. Sung, what a brilliant day. It was a long day. How important or how special is it to make your first victory here at Dallas now that you call it home, friends and family everywhere?
SUNG KANG: Just dream come true. I mean when I just started playing golf I really dream about this, winning PGA TOUR event and finally happened. I got in 2011, probably my 6th year and played over a hundred events and finally got one. Feels great.

Q. You fired up the FedExCup Points list, Wyndham Rewards list. It was a huge move. How does this change your outlook now for the rest of the year?
Does it change your goals at all?

SUNG KANG: Not really. I haven't really thought about it. I just knew today was going to be really long day so it was just tough out there. These guys are good.

Q. You were big on preparation all week even when you shot your 61 you spoke to me afterwards and got ready for the different temperatures, different for the wind.
How did you prepare yourself for what was going to be a super long Sunday today coming out and finishing your 3rd Round and having to get right back at it for your final round?

SUNG KANG: I told my caddy it's going to be long day for everyone so at some point someone is going to be getting tired and miss shots. Going to be some point it's going to happen. I told him I don't want to be too focused all day and then -- that I'm going to save any energy. I just talked to him we're going to have some fun. Talk a lot of fun stuff. And when we get to the ball we're going to start really working on it. We tried to really put all the effort when we got to the ball and it worked out beautifully.

Q. Incredible to watch. I know you want to celebrate with your family. I asked you this before your round on Saturday, I know you love ribs. Now you get to celebrate. How many ribs we going to squash in this celebration?
SUNG KANG: Not really. I'm actually going to see my trainer at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. I'm going to workout.

Q. Dedication. I love it congratulations.
SUNG KANG: Thank you very much.

Q. Sung Kang, congratulations on your first PGA TOUR victory. It was a battle to the very end to win by two strokes. You live only a half hour away, you were greeted by your family and Danny Lee at end.
How fulfilling is this feeling?

SUNG KANG: I mean I really dreamed about this and it really happened. Dream come true.

Q. You told me before your round that you wanted to really get into your own game and not worry about what other people were doing. How did you execute that, especially when times got tough?
SUNG KANG: So, I think it was really about the mental at the end. We knew it was going to be long day for everyone. So, it was all about who is not going to lose the focus at the end.

I talked to my caddy when we were walking to the ball, just chill and have fun and talk a lot about funny things and when we get to the ball try to really focus. Then we're going to save some energy. I think that helped out a lot at the end and then I mean even Matt and Scott today, those guys are just firing off in front of myself. It was fun game.

Q. It was truly a rollercoaster throughout the week. You shot a course tying record 61 and then you had a disjointed 3rd Round, playing 9 holes yesterday and 9 holes this morning before your final round.
You're visibly frustrated when you left the golf course yesterday. How did you channel everything and get back on track?

SUNG KANG: I just try to be patient. As I told you, we knew it was going to be a long day so just need to be patient. We have 27 holes to go so I actually told my caddy yesterday it's good that it happened yesterday, then we can actually turn around today. It was good yesterday and what will happen today. Worked out perfectly.

Q. How critical was that putt at 15 after you saw what Scott Piercy's did?
SUNG KANG: I knew that was going to be the most important putt for this week. I still had it on the short-side and 8-footer. Scott Piercy was right behind me showing it. I had a read from him and I was really going to make this one in. This probably will give me the trophy. I really focused. I really made -- I just saw the picture and went in.

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