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May 12, 2019

Marcus Kinhult

Hillside, Southport, England

Q. Your first European Tour win?
MARCUS KINHULT: Unreal. Yeah, I've been dreaming about it for such a long time and to finally do it is sort of amazing.

Q. How were you feeling before sinking that winning putt?
MARCUS KINHULT: Knees shaking. Hands were shaking. Everything was shaking. I don't know, hard to remember now. Just so much nerves and so much willpower I guess. Cool feeling.

Q. It was a real fight this afternoon, wasn't it.
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, it was. I played solid the front nine. Could have played better and then played okay beginning of the back nine and made bogey on 15 and 16. Then just managed to hole two good putts on 17 and 18.

Q. A quick horde on Hillside Golf Club. They have been very, very accommodating?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, great first impression when I got here Monday. Just loving it here. The weather has been fantastic over the weekend. Great crowds this week. I was surprised to see that many coming out on the weekend, since it's a Premier League day today. Yeah, great.

And to all the sponsors, Betfed, especially, and Tommy to host, it's been a fantastic week.

Q. First of many, hopefully?

Q. On 17, you hit a wide one on your approach halfway up that bank. Was that perhaps when you steeled yourself because you had obviously just dropped shots on 15 and 16 just before?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, when the second shot was in the air, I didn't feel that good and to make that up-and-down on 17 was clutch, and then, well, 18, is just -- I don't know how I managed it and somehow I did and it was a great birdie.

Q. Did you keep out of your mind what was at stake or was it in your head?
MARCUS KINHULT: Well, it's hard. I mean, there's so much emotions and thoughts running through your head and your body. But I just stay in the present and try to stay in the present and I think I managed it.

Q. Matt Wallace has a reputation, he's been a very good closer of tournaments WHEN he's leading. You surprised the way he's finished the tournament?
MARCUS KINHULT: The margins are so small. He did really well today I think and he could have -- felt like he could have shot 5-under today because he played that well and he couldn't really hole out, which was a bit the same thing for me I think until the end.

So yeah, Matt put on a good fight today and it was good fun to play with him. He's a good guy.

Q. You said it was Premier League day and you were surprised at the crowds. Do you have a Premier League team yourself?
MARCUS KINHULT: Not really. I did watch sometimes but if I had to pick one it would be Arsenal. Sorry about that.

Q. It's fine. Do you have a team at home?
MARCUS KINHULT: Well, the Swedish team is not great but the national team I support. They did well in the World Cup last year.

Q. This year's Betfred British Masters winner. You made us think at one point there might be a playoff.
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, there were a lot of scenarios I guess going down the last. Four guys at 15-under. I'm just really happy now to manage to pull it off and to make the birdie and the putt on the last.

Q. Early on in the round you looked very comfortable and you were holding three or four putts from about five, six feet in the first five holes, which, clear indication, you weren't worried out there.
MARCUS KINHULT: Well, no, it was a rocky start I guess. Made those clutch putts which was huge I think at that moment, and then yeah, just played solid throughout the round and all of a sudden, made two bogeys, which wasn't ideal. But yeah, the finish was great.

Q. Did you feel any momentum shift between you and Matt around 13 and 15?
MARCUS KINHULT: It was so close all day between us. It was a bit like a match-play between us, and then Bob and Eddie played well on the back nine today. They were up there, as well.

But it was nice to play with Matt. He's a great guy and a good competitor. So yeah, it was good fun.

Q. Back-to-back birdies, incredible, especially coming off the back-to-back bogeys. Did you have any idea walking off 16 mound that you had let this get away?
MARCUS KINHULT: A lot. That was tough. Just tried to stay patient, composed and somehow I made those two last birdies.

Q. This is your first win and your 52nd appearance on The European Tour following Alex Noren, the third Swede to win on Tour. What does this mean?
MARCUS KINHULT: It's great, this is a very prestigious event and a nice little trophy to have. To get it as my first win is special.

Q. What was it like with the fans? A lot would have been rooting for the home boys, but a fantastic day all around?
MARCUS KINHULT: The crowds were great. It never felt that they were supporting them in a different way because I felt the support myself, which was great. Yeah, the crowds were really good.

Q. Will you be celebrating tonight?
MARCUS KINHULT: I think so, yeah. We'll see what we'll do but some celebration for sure, yeah.

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