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May 11, 2019

Alex Bowman

Erik Jones

Brad Keselowski

Kansas City, Kansas

Q. Erik Jones, a lot went on for you tonight, ended up third. But we just heard from Clint Bowyer; he came over here and had words with you. What is your take?
ERIK JONES: I think it was just racing. We're racing hard, and this package really kind of leads into a lot of blocking and a lot of protecting your position, and we're taking the white flag, I'm not going to give up a lane to give up two, three, four spots if he would have got the inside.
Besides that, the DeWalt Camry was good. We had a car that could have won, we just got in the wrong spot at the end of the race and we weren't able to capitalize on it.
We'll keep moving forward. It's been two good weeks. This was the best car we've had in a long time, since Texas, and it's nice to be up in contention and have that shot.

Q. What an incredible restart.
BRAD KESELOWSKI: Thank you. I've got to dedicate this win to Mike Mittler. He helped a lot of guys in their career, and I was one of them, and he passed away yesterday and just such a huge loss for the NASCAR community. He's one of those unsung heroes that works in the garage, gave his whole life to this sport, and there's so many of those guys, so many of those fans, and it just hurts to see those guys go away.
But just a special day for Ford and a bunch of Worth guys are here today. I know they're in the stands. Let me hear you guys. (Cheers.) And happy Mother's Day. What a great day.
That restart, we just got a great launch, and Alex Bowman, I'll tell you, he's going to win a race. He did a great job today. We had a little bit fresher tires than he did and we were able to make the move on the outside there and just caught everything perfect, and I'm so thankful.

Q. Mr.Mittler, a racer, would have loved the type of racing we saw here tonight. Just how unpredictable was it all night trying to make the run, make the right move?
BRAD KESELOWSKI: He would have. I'm a little biased; I'm going to go park this thing in Victory Lane, but this was an awesome race today. This rule package is really made for tracks like Kansas Speedway, and I think the fans saw a great one today.

Q. Alex Bowman led 59 laps tonight, and for the third straight week in a row, you bring it home second. What was it like? You were so optimistic on the radio.
ALEX BOWMAN: Yeah, not very proud of myself on lane choice there at the end. Just made some bad decisions and really shouldn't have ever given the 2 car a chance at it. But just made some bad calls there through lap traffic and got tied off, had to lift, and then the 2 was able to drive around us.
But really proud of everybody at Hendrick Motorsports. Our race cars are so much better than what we started the year with, and AXALTA, Nationwide, Llumar, Valvoline, everybody that lets me get to drive race car for a living, really appreciative. Wish we were standing here with three wins in a row and things could have gone differently and that could be the case, but we'll keep digging next week and try to go get in the All‑Star, go win the All‑Star and then go try to win the 600.

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