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May 11, 2019

Brad Keselowski

Kansas City, Kansas

Q. You weren't born with that silver spoon, you didn't come to this sport with a suitcase full of dollars. How did you attract the attention of a Mike Mittler, a James Finch, a Roger Penske?
BRAD KESELOWSKI: Yeah, this was a grit day, and that's what I've been known for my whole career is just never give up. We were behind big time with just 40 or 50 to go. The yellow came out, we were on pit road, we were trapped a lap down. We dug out of that hole, and then the restarts, a couple opportunities, the holes were there, I took it, and it stuck. And next thing I knew I was running second or third behind Alex Bowman. I was able to make just the right move at the right time to clear him. Alex was super, super strong, and he got a little tight off of Turn 2 and I had run the wall and glued to it and built this big run.
But it was just a gritty race today, and that's been part of my career. I'm so thankful for guys like Mike and for them to give me the opportunities. Roger Penske, I'm sure he's watching tonight. Congratulations on the win earlier today, as well. But this was just‑‑ wow. I'm so thrilled to be in Victory Lane, to honor Mike and his family, Bev and friends, Bill, their whole team. It just seems surreal. I know he was watching up above and giving me a little push on that last restart.

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