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May 11, 2019

Nicholas Lindheim

Irving, Texas

Q. Quite a round of golf going on. Talk a little bit about your play this round.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Yeah. Soft conditions, obviously with all the rain we've had but, you know, I made some putts. I figured a little something out on the range after last night's round.

I birdied 18, which I thought was going to be to make the cut and it fell at 2, I was at 3. I had some time to get out on the range and I've been struggling to find something and I found something that clicked and --

Q. You want to share or --
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Just my set-up. That's really like I get -- a grip, I have a strong grip. My grip gets off and my set-up gets a little off. I can go anywhere. So, changed a few things in my set-up with my grip and feels good.

Q. Had a round hike this since you can remember?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: Not in tournament golf. I had it going pretty good at Canterbury when I won there on the Web Tour, shot 29 on the front-9. Hit a lot of quality shots. The golf course is out there for the taking. There's some low scores I saw. But, yeah.

Q. I have to ask, three holes left, I mean do you start thinking about that birdie, birdie, birdie finish?
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: It will be nice. I had some really good opportunities on the last two holes I played, I didn't capitalize on. I always figured if you try it doesn't happen. You just got to allow it to happen. We'll see what happens.

Q. Nevertheless, though, you've got yourself in the tournament, lot of the golf left to play. Long day tomorrow.
NICHOLAS LINDHEIM: I haven't been playing my best lately. It's nice to see some good stuff.

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