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May 11, 2019

Marcus Kinhult

Hillside, Southport, England

Q. 68 today out there on a trying day on this links. How happy are with you that score?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, really happy. It was tough in the wind I think today, and yeah, I managed to post a good score, so I'm happy.

Q. You've got previous, as an amateur, you won the Lytham Trophy on an Open venue there over at Royal Lytham. What is it about these venues that you like? Do you love the wind? What's the story?
MARCUS KINHULT: Well, Lytham is just right around the corner, isn't it. I just like to be here. I like how the course is set up. You have to manage your game a little bit different I think. Yeah, I just like it.

Q. You're conducting the orchestra. You'll be out in the last group tomorrow. You will probably be the final name called on the first tee. How excited, with that prospect?
MARCUS KINHULT: Well, it's a tight leaderboard. But it's always nice to be in the lead. I will enjoy it tomorrow.

Q. Round of 68 today. Looked like big smiles on the 18th green. Happy where you stand on the leaderboard?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, today it's a really good score today. It was quite tricky with the wind picking up on the back nine I was going to say, but probably the whole round the wind was a big factor. Yeah, happy.

Q. Was it difficult to adapt? Obviously different conditions than what you experienced on Thursday and Friday, but links courses, obviously somewhere you feel comfortable?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yes, I think -- I'm not comfortable to be honest but I think it suits my game that way. I'm quite strategic, and I guess that's quite important out there. Yeah, it's fun to be here and to play these great golf courses.

Q. You have won at Royal Lytham and St. Annes's as an amateur back in 2015. Does any of that take comfort to you, or is it fortunate that your game seems to suit those kind of courses?
MARCUS KINHULT: I don't know. I like this course. I like Lytham. Somehow I seem to be in good form when I play those courses. Yeah, it's nice.

Q. How does it feel going out in the last group on a Sunday? Tomorrow, the kind of days you guys live for. You'll be out there most likely with Matt Wallace and it will be down to you?
MARCUS KINHULT: Yeah, Matt Wallace and Richie I think tomorrow again I hope. He's at 12-under, it looks like -- because we are playing in threesomes I think. Yeah, it will be nice. It's always nice to be in the lead and yeah, looking forward to tomorrow.

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