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May 10, 2019

Dominic Thiem

Madrid, Spain

D. THIEM/R. Federer

3-6, 7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. I would like to know on the first set, when Federer breaks your service at 4-4, how do you mentally face that moment? He came from 4-2 in this first set, how did you face it?
DOMINIC THIEM: Of course, that was a tough moment because that was the first break, the first time I got broke so of course it was tough. I mean, I knew how not tough it was to break him, but it was also one break in the third set I made.

And the thing was that he hit two really good returns to get to Love-30 and then, like, my mentality was again from being a bit down, straight up, and that was really good for me.

Q. Not many people can say they've beaten Roger, Rafa and then Novak in the same clay court season. But you'll have a stab at doing that tomorrow. What are you expecting from that match? And how big a test will it be compared to today?
DOMINIC THIEM: The test today was huge and tomorrow is a different game, of course.

But I was playing Novak last year and two years ago and he was not at his best I guess, and now he is again. He's won the last three Slams and he is at the top of the ranking again. So the challenge couldn't be bigger.

And it's, of course, a very tough tournament because I only faced so good players and tomorrow is another one. So I'll try to keep up my good momentum which I have now and give my best again.

Q. You beat him on grass, hard court and clay now. What is it about your game that makes it so difficult for him?
DOMINIC THIEM: I think the grass court win was in his bad year when he had injuries, so I don't really count that one. But this year, of course, Indian Wells, and also now, was amazing. And I think my strokes, I can hurt him with my strokes, especially on his backhand.

And facing him, it always requires my absolute best game and also a little bit luck, which I both had in Indian Wells and also here, and that's why I won these two matches.

Q. On that point. You played him in Indian Wells on the hard and here on the clay. Did you feel his level was at the same as it was in Indian Wells, or do you think because it's clay, and he's not been on it for a while, he's maybe not quite at his top form?
DOMINIC THIEM: I think his level, especially in the first set in Indian Wells, was outstanding and here he was serving very well and I had big troubles with the return, until the third set. That made it difficult.

But in general, it's suiting me a little bit for sure, Indian Wells, because it's bouncing high, it's a little bit slower. Here is also a very high bounce, still a faster clay court, but it is suiting me and, of course, I think even a bit tougher to play him on the faster hard court or on grass.

Q. Last night Chelsea played and did quite well, in football. When your football team does well, does it inspire you on court?
DOMINIC THIEM: (Laughing) I watched everything yesterday until the end and, of course, I was very happy. But I don't know if I'm allowed to say this now, but the Euro league is different than Champions League (smiling). I had way bigger emotions when they arrived to the final in the Champions League (laughing). But, of course, I was going to bed happier that they won than if they would have lost (laughing).

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