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May 10, 2019

Novak Djokovic

Madrid, Spain


0-0 (Ret)

(ATP Media Studio)

Q. You were gearing up for your quarterfinal match against Marin today and you got the news that he had to withdraw. What are your thoughts on this morning?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, I mean, it happens. It's unfortunate that we don't have a quarterfinals match for such a big tournament. It was supposed to be definitely a good match.

Marin is a top player and he's a good friend of mine and he did text me saying, you know, he got some food poisoning. So I really hope he's going to recover for Rome. On my side, you know, I try to warm up and prepare for the match and then I went back on the court, trained for another hour and got a good sweat in and, you know, happy that I'm going to be fresh for my semifinal match-up tomorrow.

Q. And what's the process now? Do you do a little bit of scouting later of Roger against Dominic? Or will you just recuperate?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Of course. Obviously, my brother will watch that match. I'll watch it too probably as well. And it's going to be a great match, I think. Both of them are in phenomenal shape. Dominic is playing his best tennis probably on clay, but he's won Indian Wells and Roger has won Miami and Dubai. And so far they are playing amazing tennis and it's going to be great to see that match.

And my end, I will, as I said, try to gather all the necessary energy to get myself in the full shape and top form for tomorrow.

Q. It should be a great match, whoever it is. Thank you, Novak.
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