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May 10, 2019

Sung Kang

Irving, Texas

SHARON SHIN: I'd like to welcome Sung Kang to the Interview Room here at 2019 AT&T Byron Nelson.

Sung had a stellar 10-under 61 today. He also had a stretch of 6 consecutive birdies which ties the course record here at Trinity Forest. Sung, what was went so well for you out there?

SUNG KANG: I checked the forecast. My caddy and me both knew the weather would be cooler. The biggest thing was we needed to figure out how shorter the ball is going to fly so we test it on the driving range and it was flying about five percent shorter than yesterday.

So we just trust the number and five percent, just hit it and then worked out good.

SHARON SHIN: Even on our drive over here, players congratulating you left and right, saying great round.

Was 59 ever on your mind when you were finishing?

SUNG KANG: On 16th hole I knew if I make two birdies it would be 59. Conditions were so hard. You try to force it and -- the course is playing so tough out there.

So, just try to get the opportunity, probably try to hit it within 15 feet and if I make the putt, good. If I don't, make par and get me going. I still think it was a great round.

SHARON SHIN: Open it up for questions.

Q. Talk about needing two birdies there. You knew you needed two birdies. Couple shots like at 9 and I think 15 you already raised your club.
SUNG KANG: 9 and 15? Okay. So No. 9, is playing probably one of the hardest on the golf course today because it's into the wind. They moved the tee up today. They moved the tee up so I hit driver, 4-iron. For that pin I actually hit a perfect shot that land -- on the down slope and takes off and went off the green. I saw that so I was thinking -- what I was thinking, just try to land it on the front somewhere and I knew it was going to rundown and get it pretty close. The only thing I was thinking was just don't hit it long.

I hit nice little 4-iron with draw and right in the wind and landed perfectly and ended up in a perfect shot.

Also on 15, that's one of the hard holes on the back-9 because it's dead into the wind, the pin is back and really tight. I hit a good tee ball and second shot. Really hit a good putt. Lipped out on the lower side a little bit. I still take it.

Q. How good of a round was this for you considering conditions were more difficult?
SUNG KANG: I mean actually on this course, there's definitely some birdie holes like par-5s. If you manage it into the right spot and miss it you can definitely makes some birdies and I did really well today and also I mean there are some holes which are pretty hard but I make couple birdies on those holes and that helped out a lot today, too.

Q. How long have you lived in the Dallas area and where do you play out of?
SUNG KANG: I got here actually back in 2002 but I wasn't really -- my dad sent me over here to practice in wintertime and summertimes. Since I got on PGA TOUR, 2011. I've been living in Coppell and just practice out of the TPC course north in McKinney.

Q. You mentioned obviously you played some rounds here before. How often have you played out here. How much does the local knowledge help?
SUNG KANG: Just once more than the other players. It definitely helped out. On a few holes I knew like what the ball was going to do so that definitely helped on hole 9 today because I knew I didn't want to hit it long because it will take off and be gone. That's one that helped.

SHARON SHIN: Anymore questions? All right. Thank you for your time and good luck this week.

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