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May 10, 2019

Sung Kang

Irving, Texas

Q. Sung Kang shot 61 today. Jordan Spieth just awhile ago give you a fist pump, told you good job. He said it was absurd that you shot that given the conditions today but you said the weather was perfect for you, right?
SUNG KANG: I don't know what the guys are talking about. Perfect and awesome and nice condition for the course today. I mean I live in Dallas near, about 30 minutes from the golf course. I've never seen weather like this in May.

So I check the weather yesterday, I knew it was going to be really cold and windy. Really tried to prepare how far the ball was going to go this morning and it worked out great today.

Q. Six straight birdies there in the middle of your round. You've gone low before, shot a 60 at the AT&T Peeble Beach Pro-Am back in 2016.
What was it in the middle of your round, did it make you think I've got a chance at possibly 59 today?

SUNG KANG: I haven't thought about 59. I didn't really know until -- I just -- it was really tough out there this morning so I just tried to keep it in play. There's some par 5 we can make some birdies and short par 3.

I just tried to take advantage of those holes and try to miss in the right spots and I obviously didn't drive it as good as yesterday. But I miss it in the right spot. It worked out great.

Q. It certainly did. Congratulations on a great round today.
SUNG KANG: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Q. Sung, it's a special day out there today. I know you're not a stranger to going low. You've had low rounds on the PGA TOUR before but considering the scoring average this morning, that may be the best round of golf you shot on the PGA TOUR?
SUNG KANG: No. I actually had one of my best rounds a few years ago, I had a same good record as Johnny Miller, 63, 64.

Condition-wise it was very tough this morning, cold and windy. Tried to prepare for that because I looked at the forecast yesterday and it was supposed to be really cold. Plus it was like 70 and 80 the last couple days. The ball was going to fly further. I try to figure out how it will fly.

Q. So would you suggest it was your preparation that kept you in the process today, because, as you know, sometimes it's hard to not get ahead of yourself when you a round of golf like that.
You seem to go moment by moment by moment and there's not a better example of that than your 14-footer for par on the last hole. You didn't worry about the lag putt. You knock it in.

SUNG KANG: I mean even the second shot I hit it perfect, honestly, landed and that was the only play I -- probably fly five yards short. Rolled out way further than I thought. I never had it this way. I mean, I don't know. I'm really happy that I putted from there. A great round.

Q. Did you feel this round coming, could you sense something low coming or did today catch you off guard a little?
SUNG KANG: I play good on the back-9 yesterday. I know it was going to be way tougher today than yesterday because of the weather but the better thing was, positive thing, wind was blowing as much as yesterday. Same exact direction, just a little cooler. So I prepare for how far the ball will go and got everything and worked out good.

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